US News: Belgium: a doctor of Wallonia would have carried out more than 2000 false vaccinations

Spahn pleads for rapid booster vaccination

 Spahn pleads for rapid booster vaccination Allen from 18 years now should allow a refresh vaccination against the coronavirus. That even if the last vaccine is not six months ago, the Federal Minister of Health said.

Une soignante belge prépare une dose de vaccin contre le Covid-19 à Anvers en avril 2021 (image d'illustration). © Virginia Mayo a Belgian caregiver prepares a dose of VVID-19 vaccine in Antwerp in April 2021 (image of illustration).

with a 75% vaccination rate, Belgium is the fourth most vaccinated country in the EU and the third recall dose began to be administered more than 65 years. But the health authorities have just discovered that a doctor from the Francophone region of Wallonia has made more than 2,000 false vaccinations, thus opening the right for his "patients" to as many CVIV-19 certificates and therefore unjustified sanitary passes.

with our correspondent in Brussels, Pierre Benazet

This unscrupulous doctor provided his patients with a false vaccination certificate because he had previously made any injection. It would have been almost impossible to him because the patients concerned resided around the Wallonia, a large territory like five French departments. But dozens of them are supposed to have been vaccinated on the same day.

Federal Government does not want to receive a refugee from Belarus

 Federal Government does not want to receive a refugee from Belarus Horst Seehofer does not want to take any refugee from the Polish-Belarussian border in Germany. He secured German support in this crisis. © Thomas Trevel / / Imago Images / Photothek Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer ( CSU ) clarified that the Federal Government has not met with Belarus over the recording of 2000 refugees. "This message is wrong," said the Managing Minister on Thursday in Warsaw after a meeting with Poland's Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski.

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"An extremely dangerous act"

In addition, this doctor was almost never went to search for vaccine doses. "We realized on antivax sites that there were calls to buy false certificates and false vaccinations. It is the greatest and most serious anomaly, it is an extremely dangerous act. It is a breach of confidence of those who have asked for false certificates and who are striving with false certificates in places with people who are vaccinated and who hoped to be protected and who are not, "said Christie Morreale, The Minister of Health of the Regional Government of Wallonia.

not reliable

Belgium has imposed new measures of sanitary restrictions in the center of which Covid Safe Ticket, Covid Pass in Belgian. It is not totally reliable.

The physician has been disconnected from the Covid database and his fate is now in the hands of justice, just like that of his false patients whose sanitary pass has been erased. They are at first invited to go to be vaccinated.

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