US News: Sweden: Magdalena Andersson elected in the Pain Premiere of government

Lobbying scandal: Chahuté in Parliament, Boris Johnson admits an "error"

 Lobbying scandal: Chahuté in Parliament, Boris Johnson admits an © AFP C HAHUTÉ in Parliament After two weeks of lobbying scandal, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted Wednesday an "error" but reproached Opposition its "constant attacks" on corruption. Weakened in polls, the head of government is expected for a delicate day of explanations against members. He must respond in length in the afternoon to the questions of the leaders of the main parliamentary committees.

  Suède : Magdalena Andersson élue dans la douleur première cheffe du gouvernement © Erik Simander / TT News Agency / AFP

L A CHEFFE OF THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATES Swedish Magdalena Andersson was elected, Wednesday, November 24, Prime Minister by Parliament, Becoming the first woman to lead the Nordic Kingdom, after two weeks of difficult negotiations. Tuesday night, this 54-year-old economist, so far Minister of Finance of his predecessor Stefan Löfven, had been assured in extremis the necessary support to arrive in power, thanks to an agreement of the last hour with the left party to increase Small retreats. Obviously moved, she got up under the applause of her camp to be given her charge by the president of Riksdag. Bad surprise however for the new leader: she lost the support of a key centrist party for her budget. It may therefore have to govern with the budget prepared by the right opposition with the unprecedented support of the far-right party of the Democrats of Sweden , after a vote scheduled in the afternoon. "I think I can govern the country nevertheless," she said at a press conference, taking up his slogan "I think Sweden can do better."

The mayors and macron: to leave the pretense

 The mayors and macron: to leave the pretense since its election in 2017, the President of the Republic maintains complicated relationships with the mayors, which were gathered in congress in Paris until 18 November. Editorial of the "World". The Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), which ended on Thursday, November 18, confirmed it in a brilliant way: the presidential battle that opens will extend the lapped war which has opposed for four years associations local elected representatives to the outgoing president.

worn by seven years in power and by a political crisis at the beginning of the summer, Stefan Löfven announced in August that he would resign in November, less than a year legislative elections of September 2022. Former high-level swimmer, Known for his direct style that is worth nicknamed the "bulldozer", Magdalena Andersson had already succeeded him at the head of the Social Democrat Party in early November. The handover of powers for the post of prime minister, however, proved complicated, with the smallest margin. The tight political balances of the Swedish Parliament, which resulted in a period of four months to form a government after the last elections of 2018, complicated the situation.

Magdalena Andersson was elected thanks to a vote of deputies at 117 votes for, 57 abstentions, 174 against and an absence. In Sweden, a government is "past" as an absolute majority of 175 deputies on 349 does not vote its censorship. Although champion displayed from gender equality, Sweden has never had a female prime minister, unlike all other Nordic countries. A century after the right to vote of women in Sweden, Magdalena Andersson succeeds 33 men who have held the position since its creation in 1876.

Sweden: Vote Wednesday on the appointment of Andersson at the head of the government

 Sweden: Vote Wednesday on the appointment of Andersson at the head of the government Suede-Government: Sweden: Vote Wednesday on the designation of Andersson at the head of the Government © Reuters / TT News Agency Sweden: Vote Wednesday on The appointment of Andersson at the head of the Government Stockholm (Reuters) - the Swedish Parliament will decide on Wednesday at 08:00 GMT on the designation of the Social Democratic Director Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister, who could become the first woman to The head of a government in Sweden, said Monday the president of Riksdag.

Three priorities

once acquired his appointment in Rosenbad, the headquarters of the Prime Minister, his great challenge is Known: Keeping the Social Democrats in power next September. Around 25% in the surveys, the Jadis Party led by Olof Palme keeps its rank of Swedish's first political formation, but is close to its historic floors. He will have to counter his great rival, the Conservative Party of Moderates, led by Ulf Kristerson. The latter came closer to the anti-immigration far-right party of the Swedish Democrats (SD), testifies their alliance on the budget, and is now ready to govern with its support in Parliament.

This end of the sanitary cord and games of alliances between large and small parties make the election even more unpredictable, underline analysts. ULF Kristersson mocked Wednesday morning "a desperate government", in an interview with the Swedish agency TT. To revive his camp, Magdalena Andersson has set three main priorities: "Resume democratic control" on schools, the health system and retirement homes after a wave of privatization; install Sweden in climate champion; And fighting the segregation and the brutal war of the gangs that Sweden can not stop.

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The AMF wants to prevent the complaints from elected aggression from being classified without course by justice © Raphael Bloch - SIPA a Mayor scarf. Drawing. Violence - The AMF wants to prevent the complaints from elected aggression from being classified by Justice The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) would like to be able to carry a civil party during aggression of elected representatives in France . This would give more weight to the ensuing judicial procedure.

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