US News: traffic light agreement: This is in the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and FDP

"Hard but fair": If felt truths on facts meet

 Of course you would have wished one of the traffic light negotiators. But the Corona discussion at Frank Plasberg will still be interesting. Because a participant with their crude views all the others against themselves © ARD Frank Plasberg let again be debated over Corona If perceived truths on facts Meeting At first glance you are a little disappointed with the list of participants. Since the traffic light negotiator in Berlin at the subject of Corona a rapid turnaround.

after tough negotiations, SPD, FDP and Green have agreed on a coalition agreement for around two months after the federal election, which should form the basis for the upcoming government. In addition to a division of the various ministries, announced the three traffic light coalitions on Wednesday cornerstones of the Coalition Treaty.

Die Ampel steht symbolisch für die Koalition aus FDP, SPD und Grünen. © dpa The traffic light stands symbolically for the coalition of FDP, SPD and Greens.

All information about the general election can be found in our newsblog.

The key points of the COALITAL TEXT OF FDP, SPD AND GREEN Overview:

Minimum wage and pension: With the increase in the minimum wage, a central election promise of the SPD and the designated Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the coalition agreement remains. He should rise to twelve euros in the future and continue to be adapted in the coming years. In addition, the pension level should be retained, cuts or an increase in the current retirement age is excluded. In order to finance the pension in the face of demographic change, the three traffic lights parties want to enter into a supplementary share pension, which should be managed by a public authority.

SPD: A new struck please

 SPD: A new struck please For 16 years, social democrats have no longer led the Ministry of Defense. There is a good reason to change this now. © Christophe Gateau / DPA The SPD should show that you are interested in you: Bundeswehr soldiers, here the other day at the large tap strike to the end of the Afghanistan insert.

Climate Protection: In the Climate Protection area, the traffic lights want to massively expand the share of renewable energies, and infrastructure around building permits, planning procedures and applications should also be massively expanded and improved. In addition to the necessary infrastructure, it should also go to network expansion and wind turbines.

Education and Education: In addition, SPD, FDP and Green want to bundle all supporting benefits for children and adolescents in a childhood security, and children's rights should be enshrined in the Basic Law. Also centrally: an apprenticeship guarantee and a BAföG reform.

Voting age: The election should be lowered to 16 years.

Corona: With the help of a Corona crisis role, the fight against the pandemic will be managed and better coordinated at national level, even if individual decisions continue to be in the competence area of ​​municipalities and countries. "Defeating the pandemic is our most urgent task that we are dedicated to us with full force," says in the coalition agreement.

negotiations for traffic light government go in crucial week

 negotiations for traffic light government go in crucial week the negotiations on a traffic light coalition go to the crucial week. On Monday, in Berlin, the main trial group with the party chairmen and SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz will meet again. Social Democrats, GREEN and FDP have set itself the goal of presenting the draft coalition agreement this week. The exact day is still open. © Ina Fassbender The negotiations on a traffic light coalition go to the crucial week.

Research: The traffic lights parties want to provide 3.5 percent of the gross domestic product for research and science ,

Coalition Treaty: Parties must have a decision still charged

since October 21, SPD, FDP and Greens in 22 working groups on the new coalition agreement had been negotiated after they created a future paper in short exploits, which should be negotiated further. The party days of SPD and FDP, as well as a member survey in the Greens still need to approve the new coalition agreement. The Greens want to carry out the digital original mood on Thursday.

Afterwards, at least the Greens also want to announce the first personnel in relation to the 17 ministries, which it should give in the future. According to media reports, the SPD wants to be up to your part ITAG on December 4th. In the Nicholauswoche Olaf Scholz is finally chosen to chancellor. (shh)

Dabeck brings close confused and pragmatists as State Secretaries in his Ministry .
Berlin. The designated Economic and ClimateMinister Robert Daheck gets several narrow trusted and a well-known energy transition expert into the Ministry. The former Hamburg Umweltensatorin Anja Hajduk is to become an Official boss at the Vice-Chancellor and coordinate cooperation with other ministries. © Michael Son Robert Habeck has already opted for his State Secretary Riege before the Greens members have decided on the coalition agreement at all.

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