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US News: Corona aid until March extends: "We attach the seat belt to"

Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An

 Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An on Thursday advise Chancellor Merkel and the Prime Minister New Corona measures. Now seep through first details. © dpa unvolted deja-vu a very special working group. nine pages and 19 points should bring the turnaround in the coiling corona situation. "Only with a societal effort, we can defeat this virus," says in the decision-making for the Corona Summit of Federation and Countries on Thursday, which is present to the Handelsblatt. key points are: a nationwide 2G rule.

Economic Minister Altmaier expects a strong upswing, but the mood is as bad as last in January.

Letzter Auftritt. Der scheidende Bundeswirtschaftsminister stellte zum letzten Mal eine Verlängerung der Coronahilfen vor. © Photo: dpa last occurs. The divested Federal Minister of Economics introduced for the last time an extension of the coronahilfen.

A satisfied Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier presented itself on Wednesday for the last time as a crisis manager. "For the winter, we attach the seat belt," explained the CDU politicians the youngest government Corona decisions. Short-time allowance and bridging aids will be extended until March next year and there are special help for those affected by tagged Christmas markets. "The upswing is intact," said the Minister of Economics, and in 2022, his "unfold full strength". This is by no means sure.

The EU could authorize state aid for flea production, but with fuses

 The EU could authorize state aid for flea production, but with fuses EU-competition: the EU could authorize state aid for chip production, but with guard- Fools © Reuters / Pool The EU could authorize state aid for flea production, but with fuses by Sabine Siebold and Philip Blenkinsop Brussels (Reuters) - the European Union could approve aid for the financing of new semiconductor production sites in the Bloc, said Thursday the Vice-President of the Competition Commission, while resisting the appeals of France and other countries in favor of A non-restrictive ap

business climate falls for the fifth time

of the IFO business climate index as the most important indicator for the economy fell in a row for the fifth month and is now at 96.5 points to 97.7 meters in October. Around 9000 executives interviewed the institute. "Delivery bottlenecks and the fourth coronawelle make the company," said Ifo President Clemens Fuest. The pessimism is now as big as well as last in January.

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short-time worker rule changes

the government Among other things, with the extension of the loosened short-time worker control for the entire first quarter, however. However, with a change: companies only receive 50 percent of social contributions reimbursed by the State - unless their employees participate in a continuing vocational training under certain conditions, "the Ministry of Labor shared with. Then there is 100 percent.

Sample Schools Spain and Portugal: Where high vaccination quotas the Corona incidence is low

 Sample Schools Spain and Portugal: Where high vaccination quotas the Corona incidence is low while the pandemic in Germany and most other European countries ensures alarm mood, the low infection numbers of the minority government in Spain and Portugal increase. The "upcoming triumph" against the pandemic is "a success of the government and the entire Spanish society," said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez these days before cheering supporters in Benidorm. He promised "maybe in Spring" the virus will finally be defeated.

Most business associations and industries had demanded an extension of the short-time regulation, but on Wednesday there was also criticism. The association of the mechanical engineering argued with "a lot of companies that are changing H changing after professionals ". And these companies now have "seeing the need for the necessary workforce (over the short-time work) of the labor market," said the association.

help for Christmas markets

Minister Altmaier announced "other protective measures for Christmas markets". Canceled companies are intended to receive a "simplified access to the equity subsidy" as well as replacement for perishable goods that can not be sold in Advent. The exact amount must still be communicated to the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, the Christmas market companies also increases the bridging aid, provided that there is a decline in sales of at least 30 percent compared to a reference month from 2019, the year before Corona.

Bridging aid IV comes

By the end of the year, the bridging aid III is run, which is then replaced by the bridging aid IV for the period from January to March 2022. Nothing changes to the award criteria and payout conditions, but the EU Commission has increased the maximum possible help for a company of ten to twelve million euros. According to

Altmaier, 570,000 applications for bridging aid have been received over the past twelve months and 330 000 applications of solosite-based and artists on new carnation up to 7500 euros. Also this measure will be extended, he announced. "The substance of the German economy is protected," the minister summarized the recent decisions together.

Stranded Corona Measures Planned .
Because of the dramatic corona situation, Bund and countries want to decide sharper measures for curbing the pandemic. Also a general vaccination requirement is in conversation. © Lukas Barth / Reuters Provided by Deutsche Wave Confederation and countries plan to combat the Corona Pandemic Hardener measures. Among other things, they want to decide on the extension of the 2G rule on the retail trade and about restrictions on major events.

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