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US News: World Cup 2022: Tailled in Norway After the arrest of two journalists at Qatar

Depay, King of the Playoffs

 Depay, King of the Playoffs © Provided by He realizes a fantastic year 2021. The year 2021 of Memphis Depay is exceptional. Author of 37 goals and 19 decisive clubs and selection, the former Lyonnais is one of the most decisive players in Europe. In the scorers, it is only ahead of the cadats in the matter Lewandowski , mbed , haaland , ronaldo , benzema and messi , but it only points to two units Argentine. This year is mostly in selection than the Dutch International (73 selections, 35 goals) impressed.

Deux journalistes norvégiens ont été temporairement détenus lors d'un reportage en vue de la Coupe du monde au Qatar. LP/Olivier Corsan © Olivier Corsan Two Norwegian journalists were temporarily detained during a report on the World Cup in Qatar. LP / Olivier Corsan The tension mounts. Norway convened this Wednesday the Qatar ambassador in Oslo after the temporary detention in the emirate of two Norwegian television reporters who documented the preparations, controversial, of the next World Cup. According to their employer, the NRK public channel, Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani were arrested, without explanation, shortly before their departure from Doha on the night from Sunday to Monday, one year day for the day before the kickoff of the competition (November 21 to December 18, 2022). They were released after thirty hours, without any charge against them, and landed on Wednesday morning in Oslo. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they have summoned the Qatar ambassador to Oslo to evoke the situation of the two reporters. "The arrest of Nrk journalists in Qatar is unacceptable," said Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Twitter. A free press is decisive for a democracy that works. In Qatar, the authorities have affirmed that the two journalists had been implicated for an unauthorized intrusion into a private property. "The team was allowed to film where she wanted to Qatar, they indicated in a statement. They were given all the filming permits they had requested before arrival and proposed to meet senior government officials and third parties. These freedoms, however, do not prevail over the application of common law, which the team knowingly and voluntarily violated. According to the Cameraman Lokman Ghorbani, the equipment of the journalists was seized and they had to show "for hours" the recordings made. "Everyone was intrigued by the equipment, the mission, why we were there, what it was to serve, how many reports we had made," he testified at a press conference in Oslo. The head of Nrk's sports writing, Egil Sundvor, held "disturbing" that the Qatar authorities were able to read the sources interviewed by the team. The boss of the chain, Thor Gjermund Eriksen, has denounced a "attack on freedom of the press". Already criticized at the time of the allocation of the world at Qatar, the northern countries are at the forefront of international pressures aimed at improving the working conditions of migrant workers in the emirate. NGO reports accuse Qatar to exploit foreign workers, including the construction of the World Stages. The country vigorously rejects these criticism, stressing having reformed its labor law and introduced a minimum wage. The President of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, Berit Kjøll, called "shocking and totally unacceptable" information on these arrests. "We have to finish with the attribution of great sports competitions to countries that do not respect the freedom of the press and freedom of expression," she said in a statement. The idea of ​​a boycott of the world has a time taken on the rise in the Nordic country but a vote within the Norwegian Football Federation had finally excluded this eventuality in June. Third group G behind the Netherlands and Turkey, Norwegian selection does not ultimately not pick up its qualifying ticket.

RPT-Lead 1-Afghanistan-France and Qatar evacuates more than 300 people .
Afghanistan - Conflict / France - Evacuation (RPT, Lead 1): RPT-Lead 1-Afghanistan-France and Qatar evacuates more than 300 People (Title Repeat) Paris, 3 December (Reuters) - An exceptional evacuation operation organized by France with the help of Qatar, allowed 258 Afghans, 11 French and about sixty Dutch to leave Afghanistan , announced Friday the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

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