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US News: Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point

Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Tobias Schwarz A sign painted on the sidewalk asks people to wear a mask against the coronavirus, in Berlin November 15, 2021 New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: One point on the latest evolutions of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. - Austria confines the non-vaccinated - Austria confines the non-vaccinated persons on Monday, which have not recently contracted CVIV-19, a first in the EU that aims to stem the record number of new case.

Un soignant prépare un vaccin contre le Covid-19 à Francfort, le 23 novembre 2021 © Thomas Lohnes A caregiver prepares a VVID-19 vaccine in Frankfurt, November 23, 2021

New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: a point on the latest developments of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world.

- EU: The disease agency requests "urgently" measures -

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) called on Wednesday Member States to "urgently" take action against the current epidemic rebound in Europe and the risk of "very high" sanitary burden in December and January.

Le ministre de la Santé Olivier Véran quitte le palais de l'Elysée après le conseil des ministres, le 24 novembre 2021 à Paris © Thomas COEX The Minister of Health Olivier Véran leaves the Palais de l'Elysée after the Council of Ministers, November 24, 2021 in Paris

Reminder doses for anti-Covid vaccines should be "available" for adults , by giving priority over 40 years and vulnerable people, said Wednesday the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, after an appeal to the ECDC.

Coronavirus: "Alarming" situation in Germany, according to Merkel

 Coronavirus: The epidemic situation in Germany is alarming, "said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. A few hours earlier, the German Federal Health Watch Agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated that the number of confirmed daily cases had increased by 52,826, a leap of a third party compared to the previous week. "It's not too late to opt for a first vaccine injection," said Angela Merkel during a Congress of Mayors of German cities. "Anyone who is vaccinated protects himself and others.

Bilan mondial de la pandémie de nouveau coronavirus, au 24 novembre à 11h00 GMT © Frédéric Bourgeais World Balance of the New Coronavirus Pandemic, from November 24 at 11:00 am GMT

- France: Measures announced Thursday -

The French Minister of Health Olivier Véran will present Thursday of new measures, including "acceleration" From the vaccination calendar to the 5th wave of the epidemic, after consultation with the political forces, announced Wednesday the spokesperson of the Government, after a defense council and the Council of Ministers.

Des manifestants bloquent une route lors d'une grève générale, le 23 novembre 2021 à Fort-de-France, en Martinique © Loic Venance protesters block a road during a general strike, November 23, 2021 in Fort-de-France, Martinique

- New Zealand: Frontiers closed until the end of April -

Un soignant dans l'unité de soins intensifs pour les malades atteints du Covid-19 de l'hôpital Sklifosovsky, le 20 octobre 2021 à Moscou © Dimitar Dilkoff A Caregiver in the intensive care unit for the Sklifosovsky Hospital's patients, on October 20, 2021 in Moscow

New Zealand announced Wednesday that its borders would remain closed to foreign travelers until the end of April, At the moment the archipelago is progressively softening the measures for international arrivals, so far among the strictest in the world.

Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands ... View the magnitude of the civid-19 wave in some European countries

 Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands ... View the magnitude of the civid-19 wave in some European countries in the center of Europe, the number of contaminations increases at an alarming rate, binding on authorities to take restrictive measures. The World Health Organization had warned early November that Europe would become back to the center of the CVIV-19 epidemic, with a very worrying pace of transmission. This is already the case, while winter has not yet started, in many countries, which adopt restriction measures against the outbreak of contaminations.

Video: Covid-19: The pandemic will end "When the world will choose to end it," says WHO (Capital)

- Russia: Guest Antivax In Hospitals -

Related Russian doctors have invited celebrities and policies opposed to vaccines to visit CVIV-19 patients, in order to see with their own eyes the effects of the disease.

Only 37.2% of the Russians are immunized to date, according to Gogov's specialized site.

- French Antilles: Call for the lifting of dams in Martinique -

The Intersyndical which launched Monday a strike in Martinique decided to lift the dams to avoid a period of violence, after shots on the forces of the Order in the French West Indies.

In the nearby Guadeloupe, the prefecture decided, after a fifth night of violence, to prolong the curfew until November 28th.

Guadeloupe and, recently, Martinique, two French Caribbean islands, are shaken by a social movement to denounce the immunization obligation and the suspensions of caregivers, but also the cost of living, and the prices of fuels.

Coronavirus: Nearly 35,000 people demonstrate in Brussels to denounce sanitary measures

 Coronavirus: Nearly 35,000 people demonstrate in Brussels to denounce sanitary measures health-coronavirus-belgium-events: coronavirus: nearly 35,000 people demonstrate in Brussels to denounce sanitary measures © Reuters / Johanna Geron Coronavirus: near 35,000 people demonstrate in Brussels to denounce the Sanitary Measures Brussels (Reuters) - nearly 35,000 people came down on Sunday in the streets of Brussels in Belgium to protest against the restrictions imposed by the Government to stem a soaring contamination by the coronavirus, according to a statement of the police.

- Cluster in Austria in the ski resorts: Classified survey -

Investigation Open to identify potential criminal responsibilities in the formation of a CVIV-19 contamination home in the Austrian Alps in March 2020 has been classified, Indicated the prosecutor of Innsbruck at AFP Wednesday.

This decision "has no incidence" on civilian complaints also filed by a consumer association. The first trial opened in September.

- More than 5.16 million deaths -

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has made at least 5,165,289 dead in the world since the end of 2019, according to a balance sheet established by the AFP from official sources Wednesday at 11:00 GMT .

The United States is the most endangered country, with 773,857 death, before Brazil (613.066), India (466,584), Mexico (292,850) and Russia (267.819).

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers, taking into account the overmortality directly and indirectly linked to CIVID-19, that the overall pandemic assessment could be two to three times higher than that calculated from the figures. officials.

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Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada ... The list of countries where the Omicron variant has been identified extends .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs the new variant of Omicron coronavirus sows worry in the World While the World Health Organization estimated that it presented "a very high risk" . Detected last week in South Africa, it has already been identified in several countries and especially among European neighbors. "Obs" takes stock. Among the last ones to announce identified cases, Canada reported two cases in recent people in Nigeria. They were placed at isolation in Ottawa.

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