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US News: Kevin Strickland Free after 43 years in prison for a triple murder he did not commit

Pedocinality: The ex-priest Bernard Preynat stopped in the Loire

 Pedocinality: The ex-priest Bernard Preynat stopped in the Loire © Philippe Desmazes / AFP The former priest Bernard Péynat, sentenced to five years in prison in 2020 for sexual assaults on minors was arrested on Wednesday morning in the Loire in execution of his sentence. He had so far avoided incarceration for health reasons. It will be presented to a judge and incarcerated in the stride.

after spending 43 years behind the bars for triple murder, the condemnation of a man from the Missouri was canceled and he was released.

  Kevin Strickland libre après 43 ans en prison pour un triple meurtre qu'il n'a pas commis © Rich sugg / AP / SIPA

"I am not necessarily angry. I think I created several emotions that I have not yet shared. Joy, grief, fear. I try to understand how to assemble them ". These words were pronounced Tuesday by Kevin Strickland in front of the journalists, in the United States. The man was just released from prison after 43 years behind the bars. Earlier in the day, Judge James Welsh canceled Kevin Strickland's sentence and ordered his immediate release of the Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron. The man of today's 62 years old had been sentenced to 50 years in prison for triple murder, without possibility of conditional release, while he had been denied since the beginning any involvement in these crimes, reports CNN . The hearing to cancel his sentence lasted three days during which it was shown that no physical evidence bound Kevin Strickland with murders. The other two men convicted of these crimes also added that the inmate was not involved and the only eyewitness of the time returned to his story several years ago.

in Georgia, former President Saakashvili, on hunger strike, is in critical state

 in Georgia, former President Saakashvili, on hunger strike, is in critical state © France 24 The doctors of the former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who is in a penitentiary hospital after having Bearing a hunger strike to protest against its incarceration, claim its immediate transfer in an intensive care unit of a better equipped civilian hospital.

The murders go back to 1978, when four people in a Kansas City house for drinking and smoking, were affected by the bullets of four men. Three victims of 22, 21 and 20, are dead and the fourth, a young woman, was injured in the leg and arm. It was she who testified against Kevin Strickland as he then swore he was at home watching TV. His first trial ended without any decision can not be made, the only black juror requesting his acquittal. During his second trial, he was convicted by an exclusively white jury. After his conviction, the wounded woman explained to have identified the wrong person under the pressure of the police. In 2009, she sent a message to the Midwest Innocence Project, which helps people wrongly convicted. She died at 57 years, in 2015, cardiac problems.

United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization

 United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization The Governor of Oklahoma commuted the sentence of Julius Jones, sentenced for a murder of which he is innocent, in detention in perpetuity © / AP / SIPA After a strong mobilization, the death sentence of the American Julius Jones was commuted to life sentence by the governor of Oklahoma on 18 November 2021.

"I still can not believe it"

Kevin Strickland said he discovered the news of his release through a last minute report that interrupted the soap opera. "I still can not believe it. I did not think that day would come, "he commented. Kevin Strickland added that he now wanted to get involved in the defense of wrongly convicted to change the legalization. A donation collection was created by the Midwest Innocence Project to help him start his life again. They note that the state of Missouri will not provide any compensation for the time it has spent in prison. "Today, he has 61 (now 62, NDLR) but he was a teenager when he entered prison. His mother is dead, as well as many other family members. He has no history of work strictly speaking. There is no Missouri law to compensate a person who is wrongly sentenced for a crime and later declared innocent, except through DNA, and this is not the case here. Mr. Strickland needs financial support to support himself essential for his release from prison. Mr. Strickland has undergone an unimaginable atrocity and no one has helped it. Today, he needs your help, "says.

Shootout in a Michigan high school: An attack "premeditated" with determination "bloodcurdling" .
Ethan Crumbley, the high school student 15 years accused of opening fire on his comrades, was indicted for "murder" and "act of terrorism" © AP / SIPA accused of being the author of a shooting at a high school in Michigan, Ethan Crumbley, 15, was charged with "murder" and "act of terrorism".

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