US News: China: The real estate crisis makes the CO2 emissions back into the country

Taiwan: XI warns biden to "Do not play with fire"

 Taiwan: XI warns biden to © Eyepress News / Eyepress via AFP China J OE Biden and Xi Jinping spoke at length on Monday to Tuesday without paying anything From their disputes, especially concerning Taiwan, Chinese president exhorting his American counterpart not to "play with fire" on this issue.

L’arrêt des chantiers dans l'immobilier participe à la baisse des émissions de CO2 en Chine. © Jade Gao AFP / file The stop of construction sites in real estate participates in the decline in CO2 emissions in China.

The real estate crisis reduces CO2 emissions to China. For the first time since the post Covid-19 revival, pollution related to fossil fuels is down in the last quarter. The consequence including measures taken by the authorities to limit debt and speculation in the building.

of our correspondent in Beijing, Stéphane Lagarde

A dramatic drop in demand for construction materials and the coal crisis. These are the two ingredients of the temporary return to the blue sky on the weather cards in China. The electricity shortages at the beginning of the school year, slowed the workshop of the world and the very high price of coal have directly affected the manufacturers. The rise in production in mines at the request of the government, has not been enough to offset the flight of energy price. This resulted in a drop in purchases, indicates the carbon brief ratio.

Experts: Abolish tax benefits for real estate owners

 Experts: Abolish tax benefits for real estate owners Three renowned scientists demand the abolition of the tax privileges for real estate ownership. © Robert Günther / DPA-TMN Three renowned scientists are looking to abolish tax privileges for real estate owners. Investments in real estate would be massively favored in Germany for decades, criticize Ifo-President Clemens Fuest, the boss of the University of Cologne, Johanna Hey, and the Mannheim Economist Christoph Spengel.

Apartments for living and not to speculate the other factor, it is the stop of construction sites.

Astronomical indebtedness of the real estate giant Evergrande accelerated the pressure of the public authorities to change a growth mode shot for three decades on the exports of Made in China and the concrete forests drawn up on the arrival of TGV stations . "The apartments are made to live there and to speculate", regularly repeats Chinese president, hoping to encourage the people to place forty years of savings of two-digit growth in new technologies, rather than in empty towers. Steel and cement are the two largest CO2 emitters in China after charcoal. The two sectors experienced an increase of more than 10% at the end of the sanitary crisis. "If China fails to get out of its real estate frenzy, it is likely that emissions can stabilize before 2025," explained the climate manager at Greenpeace China.

Migratory crisis: "Russia can the role of mediator", esteem Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

 Migratory crisis: Since Lithuania, where it has been exiled since 2020, the Belusse opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya felt that Russia could play a role of mediator in the resolution of the migration crisis. View on euronews © Dan Kitwood / Pool via AP / 2021 Getty Images "The crisis on the border with the Belarus could still last for months or even years", this is the warning given by Poland while thousands of migrants are still blocked at the gates of Europe.

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China: The coal Whatever it costs

"Maggor systemic change" In the future, the decline in emissions could mark a turning point and lead to an early peak of total emissions from China Before 2030, and make the Chinese government's goal more credible to reach the zero carbon in 2060. This foot on the real estate brake is an

"major systemic change"

, says Lauri Mylyvirta Analyst at the Center for Research ON ENERGY AND CLEAN AIR. But this good surprise of the last quarter remains fragile. Habits have hard life and for Chinese families concrete remains a safe bet. Nor should the authorities decide to revive the ballet of the excavators in order to stimulate the economy. This would immediately cause a rebound in emissions.

China's real estate giant Evergrande warns before payment default .
The highly indebted Chinese real estate giant Evergrande has warned about possible payment difficulties. © NG Han Guan / AP / DPA Evergrande is considered the world's highest indulgent real estate company. After a review of the funding, no guarantee can be given that the Group has sufficient resources to comply with its financial obligations, the company shared.

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