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US News: Mausoleums of Timbuktu: The ICC reduces Jihadist prison sentence Ahmed Al Mahdi

Mali: "Freedom is the largest riches," says Dr. Keb, back to Bamako

 Mali: © Screenshot Screenshot of the Rapper Dr. Keb in one of his clips. (Illustration) DR KEB is free. The Malian artist, singer and rapper, had been kidnapped on July 29th near Timbuktu with two members of his team while touring in the area. One of them had already been released. The other two, including Amadou Kebé Alias ​​Dr. Keb, finally were able to regain Timbuktu Monday, November 15 at the end of the day, then Bamako Tuesday. They were received by the transitional authorities.

La sentence infligée par la Cour pénale internationale à Ahmed Al Mahdi a été réduite de deux ans (image d'illustration) © Reuters / Patrick Post / Pool The sentence imposed by the international criminal court at Ahmed Al Mahdi has been reduced by two years (image of illustration )

The sentence imposed by the International Criminal Court in Ahmed Al Mahdi has been reduced by two years. The Malian had been sentenced to nine years in prison for his stake in the destruction of nine of the Mausoleums of Timbuktu during the occupation of Northern Mali by the Jihadists of Ansar Dine and AQIM in 2012. Ahmed Al Mahdi should leave On September 18, 2022 Scottish prison where he had been sent to purge his sentence.

with our correspondent in The Hague, Stéphanie Maupas

Prince Charles discusses in Egypt Climate and Religious Coexistence

 Prince Charles discusses in Egypt Climate and Religious Coexistence © Ahmed Hasan The great Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb (left) receives Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, upon arrival at the mosque On the occasion of their visit to Cairo on 18 November 2021 Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met Thursday in Cairo President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi and the great Imam of Al-Azhar, the highest institution of Islam Sunni, at the beginning of a two-day climate-focused visit and religious coexistence.

Two arguments in particular convinced the judges. They first believe that the former head of the Hesbah, the People's People of Timbuktu, can reintegrate socially.

They also consider that its cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor has been flawless. From his first interrogations by the investigators of the Prosecutor in Niger, where he was detained following his arrest by the Barkhane force, Al Mahdi had wished to cooperate.

before the court, he had then pleaded guilty of war crimes. And had provided a lot of information to the Prosecutor, allowing him to expand his records on crimes committed in Mali.

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but if his lawyers demanded his immediate exit; He will still have to spend more than nine months in prison. For if some of the victims agrees to forgive the former jihadist, others opposed his liberation. They believe that Al Mahdi could once again join armed groups and arouse disorders.

As for the authorities, they consider that Malians, and first chief the inhabitants of Timbuktu, have not yet "cured wounds caused by the misdeeds" of the convict.

Ahmed Al Mahdi should go out on September 18, 2022, but his future destination remains for the moment unknown. It could ask for asylum in another step in the region.

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The wife of the Mexican narcothafficiency "El Chapo", Emma Coronel, sentenced to three years in prison .
© AFP the wife of the Mexican "El Chapo", Emma Coronel Aispuro, was sentenced Tuesday by an American federal judge at three years in prison. The wife of the Mexican "El Chapo" Narcotharficker , Emma Coronel Aispuro, was sentenced Tuesday by an American federal judge at three years in prison after admitting his participation in the traffic of the powerful Cartel of Sinaloa. Prosecutors had requested a four-year sentence, a lighter sentence than the usual requisitions in drug trafficking cases.

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