US News: Bad Boys for Live (Canal +): Why have waited 17 years for this new movie?

How to react to a forced sale?

 How to react to a forced sale? © CC0 Public domain / PXHERE Sale-Force Tips - You have received a product not ordered and you have to pay to keep it? This is forced sales, an illegal practice in France. Here are the steps to follow. The Consumer Code counts forced selling to the rank of unfair practices, in the same way, for example, that the early payment of invoices compared to the legal deadlines imposed on the suppliers and for which General Electric was sentenced to two million euros. Fine in 2019 .

Bad Boys For Live (Canal +) : pourquoi avoir attendu 17 ans pour ce nouveau film ? © Columbia Pictures / Moviestore / Shutterstock / SIPA Bad Boys for Live (Canal +): Why have waited 17 years for this new movie? In January 2020 (in rooms), Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett (Alias ​​Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) signed their back in Bad Boys for Live. A third component that has set (very) long to materialize. With a strand of chance ...

Two cops in Miami! No, we are not talking here about the famous series of the 80s, that made the glory of Don Johnson , and pastel shirts with rolling sleeves! Place to true police officers, chatting too, I named Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, the two heroes of the Saga Bad Boys . A first film released in 1995, the first major role in the cinema for Will Smith , accompanied by his comparison Martin Lawrence , to establish the basics. One sequel in 2003 to stack the action scenes, and corpses. And then nothing, radio silence, to the chagrin of many fans. No more disheveled shootings? Farewell endless headaches on the best method for understanding a suspect? For many years, the Bad Boys 3 project remained in the cartons.

Emmanuel Macron in the Hauts-de-France, on the land of Xavier Bertrand

 Emmanuel Macron in the Hauts-de-France, on the land of Xavier Bertrand Emmanuel Macron must announce on Friday a new slice of aid, pursuing the announcement of state subsidies that it multiplies since September. © Benoit Tessier / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron has arrived in the Hauts-de-France Friday to announce new aids to the territory of Sambre-Avesnois-Thiérache, before a second stage Monday in Amiens, five months from the Presidential .

Bad Boys 3 , or the waltz of screenwriters and directors

The reasons for this long absence are multiple, and typical of Hollywood and its production system. The idea of ​​a third component is launched in 2009, with the Peter Craig scriptwriter attached to the project. Then it was the turn of David Guggenheim, to the feather of the muscular Close Safety (2012), to look at the new adventures of Mike and Marcus, before the movie lands in the hands of Joe Carnahan, Who directed Liam Neeson in the territory of the wolves . But the director leaves the project in reasons for artistic differences. Move of mercy ? Not exactly.

Two Belgian directors for Bad Boys for Live

in 2018, Jerry Bruckheimer , producer of the saga since its inception, meet two young Belgian directors he loved the first films. Bilcell Fallah and Adil El Displaim not go by four paths. " At the first meeting we had with him, in his office, he asks us which film would be desired to do. To laugh, we say Bad Boys! ", explain when the release of Bad Boys For Live . " There was already a director at the time, but Jerry really wanted to work with us. After a while, the director left the film, Jerry phoned and asked us if we were available ". Now Between Good Hands , Bad Boys for Live comes out in theaters in January 2020. And a fourth film is launched in the stride, still without exit date. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do ?

A movie to discover on Canal +

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The trailer of a movie can be crucial for whether it is looked at or not. A researcher: Inner team worked on a Ki, which should produce exciting trailers - but they can also spoilers. © Dean Drobot / Shutterstock The Cinema Milm seems to have been the right choice: whether she has convinced the trailer before? The decision for a cinema visit is usually preceded by an intensive trailer search.

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