US News: Bug In Daily: Yann Barthès apologizes after a technical problem

new electric car brand from China - Catl, Changan and NIO cooperate at Avatr

 new electric car brand from China - Catl, Changan and NIO cooperate at Avatr The Avatr 11 is the first model of a new electric car from China. It was created as a cooperation of Changan with Nio. The battery manufacturer Catl is also on board. © Autonews Gasgoo Changan is one of many automakers in China, which are still largely unknown with us. With partly over a million built cars per year, the company is not a niche provider. The model program consists of models with internal combustion engines.

Bug dans Quotidien : Yann Barthès s'excuse après un problème technique © Daily / TMC bug in daily: Yann Barthès apologize after a technical problem Thursday, November 25, just before the chronicle of the 19:30 Media of Julien Bellver in everyday, a bug surprised viewers. If the incident lasted only a few seconds, Yann Barthes wanted to speak to explain the origin of this courac.

Every night, Yann Barthes Accompanied by its columnists proposes a decryption of news based on reports and chronicles. In daily , the facilitator also hosts French and international personalities, as well as intellectuals with whom it exchanges on different topics. Thus, François Hollande, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (Goncourt 2021 price), Fabrice Luchini, Anne Roumanoff, Guillaume Canet or more recently Nabilla have recently participated in TMC's talk show. Last night, the latter came to promote his new series available on Amazon Prime, Nabilla without filter , in which his father makes a rare appearance.

Prices for new housing, Pinel ... What changes do buyers have to prepare?

 Prices for new housing, Pinel ... What changes do buyers have to prepare? © Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images New Housing Award, Pinel ... What changes do buyers have to prepare? Pascal Boulanger, President of the Federation of Real Estate Promoters, is the guest of the "Real Estate Rendez-Vous" (Capital / Radio Immo) of November. It holds us an inventory of the new market, and returns in detail about the outlines of the future Pinel +.

" Black-Out " TV on TMC

but shortly before The arrival of Nabilla on the plateau , the show was a victim of a technical bug. While the viewers were waiting to discover the Chronicle of Julien Bellver with on the 19:30 media

, the image was simply fixed on the return of the Advertising page before a black screen appears. A 'black-out "television that lasted a few seconds before the show returns to his class. " I think I was censored

" a few minutes after this courac, Yann Barthes took the floor. " We would like to apologize, even if we do not have it for much ," he started. Then, making the mine to accommodate on his desk before skidding, he continued: " I think I had to press the elbow and, suddenly, it closed the antenna, it made a black antenna for nearly 40 seconds on the boxes and TNT ". On its side, Julien Bellver reacted: " I think I was censored ". Yann Barthès then addressed: "It was sabotage. I think people did not want to hear about Renaud Muselier so, at the final rule, they did like this ", mimic again his elbow sliding.

BAK coach Meyer: "Can I answer that?" .
There are days on which the sporty is completely in the background. So happened on Friday evening in the Ernst Abbe-Sportfeld in Jena. © imago images / image13 "Maybe I'll put on the A-youth for the coming week." BAK coach André Meyer. Two Players Collaborate After Answer Corona Infection There, trainer André Meyer annoyed after Schluspfiff just about the 0: 2 of the Berlin AK at the FC Carl Zeiss. After all, it was the third league bankruptcy in a row.

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