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US News: "Shaming": Spurs after embarrassing-border criticized

Belarus makes Poland responsible for violence at the border

 Belarus makes Poland responsible for violence at the border Belarus has accused Poland to be responsible for the recent force scaling in the refugee crisis at the border of both states. From the Polish side, this Tuesday "direct provocations and inhuman treatment" of the "disadvantaged" people were assumed at the border, the Belarussian outskin speaker Anatoli explained glass. The goal of Poland is to leave the situation "even more escalating" and every progress to settle the crisis "desicculated".

after defeat against the Slovenian Club Mura in the Conference League, Tottenham Hotspur sees great criticism. Striker Harry Kane apologizes even with the fans.

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it was probably one of the most embarrassing bankruptcy in the club story: on Thursday evening Tottenham lost in the group stage of the Conference League at the Slovenian champion NS Mura with 1 : 2.

Although the guests from the Premier League had to act after a red card just under an hour in the subnumberous, and the decisive K.O. Hits only fell in the detention time, but in the overall impression, this did not change anything.

Migratory crisis: "Russia can the role of mediator", esteem Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

 Migratory crisis: Since Lithuania, where it has been exiled since 2020, the Belusse opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya felt that Russia could play a role of mediator in the resolution of the migration crisis. View on euronews © Dan Kitwood / Pool via AP / 2021 Getty Images "The crisis on the border with the Belarus could still last for months or even years", this is the warning given by Poland while thousands of migrants are still blocked at the gates of Europe.

With just under 700 million euros expensive squad, the team of coach Antonio Conte did not take the nameless Underdog with a total scale value of 7.53 million at least one draw.

"steelwork double pass" with Samir Arabi and Dieter Hoeneß on Sunday from 11am live on TV and in the stream on Sport1

Harry Kane, the only scorer on the point of the Spurs, apologized after the crew fans and called the performance of his team As "immature": "We had the game in his hand, that's unacceptable. Yes, it was a tough evening for us, but we have to learn from it. "

Trainer Conte is not a" magician "

coach Conte stressed that he was not a" magician "and it takes time to the" gap between Tottenham and to close the top team "in England.

"I did not like what happened tonight. I have to be honest and tell you that I start after three and a half weeks to understand the situation. I'm glad to be here, but at the same time I have to be honest and tell you that we have to work a lot to improve the quality of the squad ", so the head coach continues.

Lead 2-Belarus evacuates migrant camps at the Polish border

 Lead 2-Belarus evacuates migrant camps at the Polish border Europe-migrants / Belarus (Lead 2, Photo, TV): Lead 2-Belarus evacuates migrant camps at the Polish border (updated all of the Long) by Kacper Pempel and Charlotte Bruneau Bruzgi, Belarus, 18 November (Reuters) - Belarus has evacuated Thursday the main migrant camps at his border with Poland, which could constitute a major step towards a way out of this crisis Also involving Russia and the whole of the European Union.

With the TV experts, the performance of the Premier League Club came anything but good. Glenn Hoddle spoke of a "shaming" occurs, Peter Crouch expressed the feeling that the "second team" of Conte can not keep up.

both also shot on Davinson Sánchez and its inadequate defensive work and compliance with the second goal.

Tottenham can only be second more

became even more clearly ex-Tottenham-Profi Jamie O'Hara. The midfielder said, Matt Dherty, Tanguy Ndombele, Dele Alli and the Sánche already mentioned had no longer earned after her "shocking" performance to wear the Spurs jersey.

"This is a European game that you have to win to impress a new trainer like Antonio Conte. You have to go out there and give everything and deliver an incredible performance to say: 'I want part of this group and this Conte era' - and not a single player in the course has earned any recognition for this game. It is a shame. "

In the group G Tottenham on the last matchday in the remote duel with Arnhem only rank two fights.

Belarus: Lukashenko promises migrants that he will not hold them .
© Belta / AFP L E Chairman of Belarus Alexander Loukachenko promised Friday to the migrants stuck on the Polish border that he does not remember force. They want to win Europe, calling Germany to welcome them, at risk of aggravating tensions. Several thousand people, originating mainly from the countries of the Middle East, have flocked in recent weeks on the border of Poland, awakening the fear of Europe of a large migration crisis.

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