US News: Baumann's trainer search: "Fixed on a candidate"

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 Marseille: Marine Le Pen wants to the NR candidate in the presidential election accompanied a police patrol in North neighborhoods © AFP Marine Le Pen alongside Stéphane Ravier Marseille.

On Friday morning, the next interim trainer of SV Werder Bremen took place on the matching press conference on the Podium Square: Christian Brand will look after the team in Kiel. However, how sporting chief Frank Baumann declared him next to him, the final successors of Markus should be determined no later than the next week.

Beantworteten die Fragen der Journalisten: Interimstrainer Christian Brandt und Sportchef Frank Baumann. © Imago Images / Nordphoto answered the questions of journalists: Interim Trainer Christian Brandt and Sportschef Frank Baumann.

Werder-Sportschef gives insights into selection process

Already since Saturday the trainer search of the Bremen "very intense" runs, explained Baumann. Mark's start was withdrawing from his office on that day due to the prosecutorial investigations for vaccination fraud, co-trainer Danijel Zenkovic jumped - but then infected with Covid-19. With Christian Brand sits on Saturday evening at Holstein Kiel thus the third coach in the third game on the bank.

elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country

 elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country © PHOTO / ESTEBAN FELIX Army officers speaking inside a Santiago stadium that will serve as a polling station for the General elections of this Sunday in Chile. in Chile, it is the most important presidential and legislative elections for almost thirty years. Fifteen million voters are called to the polls to renew the conference and decide who will replace the very unpopular right president Sebastian piñera at the head of the country.

Nevertheless, it was a concern to Bremen's sport chief "emphasize that there is no chaos at Werder. But that we would have done very clearly, very fast, very carefully, in a crisis situation, to which we could ultimately have nothing. The fact that you see the team "at Christian in very good hands" can be pushed further in the background of the selection process of the new chef coaches. "We are confident that in the coming week we can present a solution on the coaching position," said Baumann. When exactly, simply "not yet fixed".

It is important to him, "in this important position, not to expire in hustle and bustle". Werder is based on that search for the criteria of a few months ago, when the club already searched for candidates of the new cast of the post. A delegation consisting of the management and Clemens Fritz, Werder's Head of ProfiFussball, is located in a community selection process.

Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer

 Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer Despite the negative series of four victorious comprehensive obligations successively and an unsatisfactory twelfth table spot Chef coach Christian Preußer is not at the football second division Fortuna Düsseldorf for discussion. © Robert Michael / dpa central picture / dpa Dusseldorf's coach Christian Preußer is in a deep with his team. board member Klaus Allofs explained that the game against the 1st FC Heidenheim next Friday (18.30 clock) was not a final for the coach.

Since Sunday, the first conversations have been led to select the right candidate for initial succession. In the meantime, the contractual and financial points have been reached, Baumann insights: "But I do not want to give a stand, where we are in this process, whether we lead negotiations - or not. We act very carefully."

Although the 46-year-old responded to the question of whether the upcoming opponent Holstein Kiel has something to do with it that a result of the trainer search is still in himself, with "no," but Baumann also declared reasonably clear: "After we have several Candidates had in the narrower selection, we have already set ourselves on a candidate. "

all signs speak for OLE Werner, who, according to the Kieler responsible, still owns one to the end of the valid contract in the second division competitor. "The talks are not yet completed," Bremens Sportschef held his statements at least in general, "we have something to do there and try to implement it in the next few days."

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