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US News: Günter can be in Bochum Freiburg Record winner

Corona in the Bundesliga: The rules in the stadiums

 Corona in the Bundesliga: The rules in the stadiums Munich - after some normality is in the Bundesliga, the rising coronafall figures also hit the German football house. FC Bayern Munich had already reported several cases in recent days, some players had to be quarantined. However, the fans may continue to pay in the stadiums in Germany despite alarming numbers. © Imago Images / Avanti Corona In the Bundesliga , however, there are different regulations and utilization in the associations. Ran summarizes them.

The SC Freiburg wants to build on the previous series at VFL Bochum (Saturday, 15.30 clock) after two defeats. For a SC player, the game can become a special one.

Christian Günter würde mit einem Sieg gegen Bochum an SC-Legende Andreas Zeyer vorbeiziehen. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports Christian Günter would pass by victory against Bochum on Sc legend Andreas Zeyer.

SC striker Nils Petersen Back in team training

A goalkeeper is probably not to be expected in Bochum if the SC Freiburg is guests, because it meets the best home defensive (three goals) on the best Away Defense (five). Most recently, the sports club had conceded two goals in Munich, and in the home game followed two through the Frankfurter. After ten games without defeat, the Freiburg had to deal with two defeats in a row. "There you can talk about a crisis again," said Christian Günter on the edge of the gala of the Matthias Ginter Foundation in Freiburg - but with a grin. "In Munich and Frankfurt we did a lot of good things, but in the last third, the accuracy was missing and it was a bit of bad luck."

Rose wishes Bürki a club where "he can stand in the goal"

 Rose wishes Bürki a club where Roman Bürki (31) is at Borussia Dortmund Third goalkeeper. Marco Rose about the situation of the Swiss. © Imago Images / Kirchner-Media at BVB only third choice: Roman Bürki. BVB Trainer About Third Keeper Last Sunday, Roman Bürki celebrated its 31st birthday. And because the BVB did not traversed that day, Marco Rose called his third goalkeeper at home, "because it was a need to congratulate him. And to give him a few things on the other hand." For half a year the Swiss keeper is without oblig

Special game for Günter?

The SC captain could set up another record in Bochum: As Andreas Zeyer has celebrated Günter 79 victories with Freiburg, and will become the next three sole record winner of the Breisgauer. But it is more important to him that his team is linked to the series in front of the two defeats. "The first ten games ran out for us," said Günter, "and even if Bochum plays a good season until now, we are prepared for this difficult task."

personnel there is hardly a change to the previous week with the Freiburgers. Nils Petersen is back in training after knee problems, but would be used too early this weekend. Offensive player Roland Sallai could be a candidate for the starting eleven after his inception against Frankfurt. Trainer Christian Streich was pleased that it has been for Hungary last "again for a part of it, but it has been seen that he was injured longer."

Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer

 Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer Despite the negative series of four victorious comprehensive obligations successively and an unsatisfactory twelfth table spot Chef coach Christian Preußer is not at the football second division Fortuna Düsseldorf for discussion. © Robert Michael / dpa central picture / dpa Dusseldorf's coach Christian Preußer is in a deep with his team. board member Klaus Allofs explained that the game against the 1st FC Heidenheim next Friday (18.30 clock) was not a final for the coach.

This suggests more on a new joker role, and for competitor Kevin a pity a good chance to belong to his 20th birthday and a few days after his contract renewal for the third time this season to be the starting eleven. "It's great that we can work with him for the next few years," commented prank the signature of the U-21 national player, "he comes from the football school, that's always something special."

What about Schmid?

before the trip to the Ruhr area, the SC coach also explained that he does not plan Jonathan Schmid before next year. He could again participate in the team training in December. "But we have to be careful that we lead him appropriately," said prank. The Corona infection at the end of August, the 31-year-old "physically struggled". He hopes that the Frenchman in January "is an option again to make football games" - but then initially friendly matches or with the second team. "Only when he can make up the very intense things again, he is back in my reflections," said prank clearly.

Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg .
Gladbach experiences a Descentrous first half against Freiburg - and writes even Bundesliga history. The guests cheer a best value. © Provided by Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg After the 1: 4-bankruptcy in Derby During the 1st FC Cologne, Borussia Mönchengladbach wanted to give the quick answer - but that went mercilessly into the pants.

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