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US News: cybercrime. 1,000 arrests and $ 27 million seized by Interpol

paintings of Frida Kahlo and Pierre Soulages beat

 paintings of Frida Kahlo and Pierre Soulages beat © Angela Weiss / AFP The self-portrait of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, entitled "Diego Y Yo" (»Diego and Me," 1949) was sold $ 34.9 million. of the rare paintings of Mexican Frida Kahlo and French Pierre Soulages have broke auction records at Sotheby's, Tuesday, November 16, 2021 in New York (United States), where they were sold 34.9 million and 20.2 million of dollars.

Interpol a arrêté 1 000 cybercriminels. Photo d’illustration. © Getty Images / iStockPhoto Interpol stopped 1,000 cybercriminals. Photo Stock Illustration.

INTERPOL announced Friday, November 26, the arrest of a thousand suspects and the seizure of $ 27 million as part of a global cyber crime operation.

A thousand suspects were arrested and $ 27 million seized as part of a broad operation of Cyber ​​Crime conducted on all continents by Interpol, announced Friday, November 26 the International Organization for Cooperation policewoman.

Operation called "Haechi-II" took place between June and September 2021 and revealed that "transnational organized criminal groups used the Internet to subtract millions of dollars from their victims before reverse on bank accounts. throughout the world ».

Lyon: a band judged for the steering of a van in Switzerland

 Lyon: a band judged for the steering of a van in Switzerland They were arrested in the act of arms and a booty estimated at more than 40 million Swiss francs in organized strip - they were arrested in the flagrant Offense with arms and booty estimated at more than 40 million Swiss francs Monday opens the trial to the six-men's Lyon Assizes, aged 33 to 51, arrested in 2017 near Annecy in Flagant offense after the steering of a Swiss van.

2 350 bank accounts seized

in total, 1,003 people have been arrested, 2,350 bank accounts seized and more than 50 records issued, aiming for facts of the usurpation of identity, fraudulent investment and money laundering in Link with illegal bets, says Interpol in a statement.

"We are far from ideas received in terms of online fraud, which would fall under a small-scale crime" , emphasizes the organization, which says it tested "successfully" on this occasion a protocol to Prevent payments.

Interpol thus cites the example of a major Colombian textile company whose leader was usurped his email, with a view to transferring $ 16 million to two Chinese bank accounts. Half of this amount had already been transferred when fraud was discovered.

Kurdistan Iranian: a wave of unexplained arrests

 Kurdistan Iranian: a wave of unexplained arrests © AFP - Atta Kenare The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the Tribune of Parliament in Tehran, on November 16, 2021. A wave of arrests is currently in court in the province of Iranian Kurdistan. In total, 32 men were arrested in ten days. Until now, none of them could explain to his loved ones the reason for his arrest. For fear of being they too victims, some residents of the surrounding villages fled their home.

Seizures, the Colombian judicial authorities then quickly contacted the Interpol office in Bogota and, thanks to the cooperation between the offices of Beijing, Bogota and Hong Kong, the transferred funds were frozen. A total of 94% of the amount were intercepted "in record time, saving the bankruptcy company" , according to Interpol.

Online financial crime does not weaken

"stop along the way financial crimes online, before the money disappears in the pockets of those who will transfer it is a race against the watch" , said the CEO of the Colombian police, Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia cited in the press release.

The Colombian record also allowed the updating of a malicious mobile application called "Squid Game", named the South Korean series broadcast on Netflix , proving to be a virus allowing once downloaded from hacking the Banking information of the user and pay "premium" services without its agreement.

Operation Haechi-II showed that "the thrust of online financial crime born from the CVIV-19 pandemic shows no shortness of breaths" , observes on its side Jürgen Stock, Interpol Secretary General .

The budget of the organization that brings together 195 countries is 145 million euros in 2021.

Presidential: 2,200 protesters in Paris against Éric Zemmour according to the police .
© Sameer al-Doumy / AFP according to the prefecture of police, some 2,200 protesters paradeed in the streets of Paris Sunday to denounce the candidature for the presidential election and The speech in their eyes "racist" of the extreme right polemicist Éric Zemmour, to the call of about fifty unions, parties and associations.

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