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US News: power struggle for party presidency: Kretschmer pleads for Merz as CDU boss

mpk: nothing more with "normality"

 mpk: nothing more with like NRW Government Hendrik desert tries to settle from its predecessor Armin Lashet. © David Young / dpa Nothing More with "Normality" Hendrik Wüst wants to confess color this Wednesday. Black suit and dark tie, which is likely to fit the role that North Rhine-Westphalia's new Prime Minister tried in his appearance in front of the Düsseldorf Landtag: Now he performs as a black one, as a CDU politician.

Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer calls his favorite for the CDU chair. Meanwhile, the population has little confidence in all three candidates.

Sachsens Ministerpräsident Michael Kretschmer und Friedrich Merz (Beide CDU) im Juli 2019 © Photo: DPA / Sebastian Willnow Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and Friedrich Merz (Both CDU) in July 2019

in the competition for the CDU Presidency, Sachsen's Prime Minister and Party Presidency Member Michael Kritschmer has been pronounced for Friedrich Merz . "Friedrich Merz would be the best solution," Kretschmer said to the editorial network Germany (RND). "He has a lot of experience, a clear regulatory compass, is with great pleasure at the work and has set up much broader. I also feel that Friedrich Merz is wanted by the members of the CDU and most of the population. "Whether he will apply for the vice chair of the federal CDU, Kretschmer left open. Merz had recently said he would welcome that. "I am willing to take responsibility," Kretschmer said to the RND. "But at what point that will be, I will decide after the chairman is elected," he said.

Election of the New Party Chairman: CDU facilitates postal election for membership survey

 Election of the New Party Chairman: CDU facilitates postal election for membership survey The CDU begins the official idea of ​​applicants for the party chairmanship begins. A dispute over a part of the electoral process is enclosed. © Photo: Kappeler / Pedersen / DPA The CDU politicians Norbert Röttgen, Friedrich Merz and Helge Braun compete for the CDU party presidency. (Archive image, 13.11.2021) The CDU peak facilitates the procedure for applying the postal voting documentation for the member survey on a new party chairman .

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(t +)] In addition to Merz, the managing chancellor's chief Helge Braun and the foreign policyman Norbert Röttgen

around the CDU Chair

. For the first time, the approximately 400,000 CDU members will take a preliminary decision on the future chairman in a survey started at the beginning of December. The new chairman will be elected 21./22. January at a digital party congress. The three applicants for the CDU chair are on Saturday (18.00 pm) the questions of the party growth.

little trust in three applicants

The people in Germany show after a survey little approval of the three applicants. On the question of whom she most likely to trust the office of the party feet - Merz, Röttgen or Braun - answered 35 percent with "None of the three". Merz cut off the best. For the former Union faction leader in the Bundestag, 23 percent decided on behalf of the German Press Agency in the Yougov survey. The foreign politician Röttgen came to 16 and the managing chancellor's chief brown to 7 percent.

"Yes, it has already a bit irrational": merz explains why he runs again for the CDU chair

 of all good things are three? In any case, Friedrich Merz tries to become a third attempt by CDU party feet. How it came. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA Friedrich Merz (CDU). Ex-Union Faction Chief Friedrich Merz has established its third candidacy for the CDU presidency within three years with the broad support of the basis for him and his attachment to the party .

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(T +)] among those, the information to have chosen the Union in the Bundestag election, Merz was 34 percent With a distance from Röttgen (20 percent) and brown (6 percent). Again, more than a quarter of respondents (27 percent) answered "None of the three". Particularly high in the course Merz is the survey according to followers of the FDP. In this group, 41 percent most likely took the role of the CDU chairman. For followers of the AFD it was 38 percent. With 26 percent, the approval for Merz was also over the average in East Germany.

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here for Apple and Android devices .] Merz wants the CDU also in style Replace. "First, the handling tone must get better with each other, and these miserable throughputs from the meetings must stop," he said the "Rheinische Post". "Secondly, we must assume the role of opposition in the federal government and at the same time quickly become campaign, especially for the upcoming state elections next year," he said. "Thirdly, we will reorganize the party in terms of content, including a new principle program."

In the Bundestag election in September, the Union was crashed by 8.8 points compared to 2017 to 24.1 percent - its historically worst value. (dpa)

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