US News: Sudan: Supporting the democratic transition against military

Zimbabwe: In search of budget support, Harare wipes a refusal of the IMF

 Zimbabwe: In search of budget support, Harare wipes a refusal of the IMF © Reuters - Philimon Bulawayo Life Scene in a supermarket in Harare, Zimbabwe. (drawing). Hard blow for Zimbabwe, at the end of a monthly mission, the International Monetary Fund refuses to provide budget support in Harare. In issue, a debt deemed unsustainable and arrears that have not been paid. Zimbabwe dragging a debt of more than eleven billion dollars is nevertheless engaged in monetary and budget reforms greeted by the IMF. The financial institution recognizes it, Zimbabwe makes efforts.

The response to Khartoum's ramping is holding in an ultimate tool: prevent any form of financial standardization under the current conditions. The Sudanese protesters, who claim the departure of the military junta tirelessly, will understand that their dead will not have been in vain.

Editorial of the "World". In the streets of Sudan, the protesters were not fooled for a moment. In the wake of General Abdel Fattah Al-Bourhane, October 25, and the arrest of government (civilian) members, starting with the Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, as well as political leaders, the Population had dropped in mass in the cities of the country to claim the recovery of the civil-military transition.

Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for

 Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for fifteen anti-putsch protesters were killed in Khartoum during the most murderer day since the coup of October 25th. © Supplied by FranceInfo Sudanese security forces shot this Thursday morning 18 November, new tearful grenades on anti-putsch protesters in Khartoum, the day after the softening day since the coup d'etat of 25 October with 15 dead.

four weeks and forty and one dead later, the putschist generals may have thought they were abused: Abdallah Hamdok was released on November 21 and immediately placed at the head of a government to the orders of the military who also reign on the Council. sovereignty, the executive organ purged its relevant elements.

The controversial return of Abdallah Hamdok, former Prime Minister of Sudan

Sudanese, complex but subtle transition institutions have been forged after the fall in 2019, General Omar Al-Bachir in order to allow, smoothly, the departure Military power after four years of codirection with civilians, paving the way for general elections. Making a military-Islamist dictatorship a soothing and prosperous democracy, it was not a hollow dream. That's why Sudanese protesters challenge balls, blows, violence, tirelessly.

Five Chinese nationals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

 Five Chinese nationals in the Democratic Republic of Congo RDC-Chinese: Five Chinese nationals kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo © Reuters / Hereward Holland Five Chinese nationals kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters - Armed men killed a police officer and abducted five Chinese nationals Saturday near a mining operation of the province of South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, announced Sunday a local manager and a spokesperson for the army .

In Sudan, the street remains determined to bring down the military junta

the result of the coarse pass-pass-pass trick of the military is devastating. Abdallah Hamdok finds himself deprived of power and now legitimacy, at the head of a government, of which twelve ministers in seventeen resigned to signify their reprobation.


One can wonder about its motivations in this masquerade. The military, they say in substance that it was to stop the bloodshed. In this case, it would have been sufficient to stop opening fire on protesters. The truth is that a democratic transition, a rare example of the planet of a non-violent, responsible movement, opening on a stabilization and, presumably, only way towards the prosperity of a country so far "captured" By a brutal and cynical microscopic, is being conscientiously ransacked. Who, in these conditions, wants to be an accomplice?

Biden invited some 110 countries to its virtual summit for democracy

 Biden invited some 110 countries to its virtual summit for democracy © AFP J OE Biden invited some 110 countries and territories to its virtual summit for democracy in December, including the main Western Allies of the United States. United States , but also Taiwan in a clear message to the China , whose shadow should hover on this appointment despite its absence.

that officers now in power, exhibiting the unfortunate prime minister as a poor taking of war against democracy, say they believe in their fiction, has nothing unexpected. Whereas the country leaders who have hoped or supported the coup in serving their interests, such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, are working to protect their protégés from Khartoum, is no more surprising, failing that to be acceptable.

Sliman Baldo, Analyst: "Sudan and Ethiopia are the two sick men of the Horn of Africa" ​​

it belongs to other external actors to hold good. It would be necessary to be cynical, cowardly, or singularly misinformed to believe that the Sudanese soldiers are the guarantors of "stability", this false friend who makes the game of so many dictatorships.

Khartoum's ramping response holds in an ultimate tool: prevent any form of financial standardization; Constructing future penalties and debt reduction plans to a return to the fundamentals of the transition. Sudanese protesters will understand that their deaths will not have been in vain. France had committed, firmly and effectively, alongside the transitional authorities. He returns to him, with other countries, to lead the fight to save what can be of the Sudanese revolution, the one that has been brought by the hope of a people.

Sudan: "positive" signs for the return of international support, says Burhane .
© AFP L E General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane, author of Putsch of October 25, said Saturday believe in a rapid recovery of international support In Sudan, where, has he assured during an interview with the AFP, all the political - motor forces included-- will be able to compete in the elections of 2023.

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