US News: General elections in Honduras After a campaign Mined by Violence

thousands of people parade "stop" with sexist and sexual violence

 thousands of people parade This event organized by the Collective #noustoutes gathered in Paris 50,000 people according to the organizers, 18,000 according to the prefecture of police. Your Browser does not support This video thousands of people have shown between the place of the Republic and the Place de la Nation in Paris, this Saturday, November 20, behind a banderle #noustoutes proclaiming "stop with sexist and sexual violence".

Le Honduras est en proie à une violence généralisée : il enregistre l'un des taux d'homicides les plus forts au monde, hors conflit militarisé. © Orlando Sierra AFP The Honduras is in the grip of widespread violence: it records one of the highest levels of homicides in the world, excluding militarized conflict.

This Sunday, November 28, Honduans are called to the polls for general elections: they must elect their mayors, their members and their president. Juan Orlando Hernandez does not represent each other. Re-elected in 2017 on the background of fraud accusations, the outgoing head of state is also suspected by the United States to be involved in drug trafficking. The election campaign, which ended Thursday, was particularly violent in this country of Central America where more than half of the 10 million inhabitants live below the poverty line.

elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country

 elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country © PHOTO / ESTEBAN FELIX Army officers speaking inside a Santiago stadium that will serve as a polling station for the General elections of this Sunday in Chile. in Chile, it is the most important presidential and legislative elections for almost thirty years. Fifteen million voters are called to the polls to renew the conference and decide who will replace the very unpopular right president Sebastian piñera at the head of the country.

Twenty-nine political assassinations, 14 attacks, 12 aggression and kidnapping. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights takes stock of the violence that have enamelled the election campaign since the announcement of the primary in September 2020. It calls for "peaceful and transparent" elections in this context "tense and polarized ".

Honduras is plagued by widespread violence: it records one of the highest levels of homicides in the world, off-militarized conflict. The country is gangzed by gangs, the maras, which control drug trafficking, organized crime and rackete the population.

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A peak of

misinformation between extreme poverty and ultra violence, thousands of Hondurans flee their country each year, often in direction the United States.

Violence fueled by social networks during the campaign, if we believe the observatory of misinformation in Honduras.

In the last two months, the latter has noted hundreds of hate messages a day on Facebook, with a peak of misinformation in recent days, according to the Honduran press. The identity of media accounts and famous journalists has been usurped to disseminate false information on a large scale.

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