US News: Gladbach fans react to the derby defeat - Neuhaus falls again negative on

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In recent weeks, Borussia Moenchengladbach seemed to stabilize , the confidence of the fans in coach Adi Hütter was larger. On Saturday afternoon it was, however, in the 1: brought back to the floor of the facts 4 defeat against 1. FC Cologne in the derby.

Ein ernüchternder Tag für die Gladbach-Profis | Dean Mouhtaropoulos/GettyImages © Contributed by 90min A sobering day for Gladbach professionals | Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Gladbach broke apart completely in the second half and was run over by Cologne by running skills use, strength in the tackle and above all individual errors. The usually stable team seems so to are still looking for the necessary consistency.

Cologne's opener was probably the blatant bad pass by Florian Neuhaus, to 1: 2 leadership led by Mark Uth for guests in the 77 minutes. "Unfortunately, such mistakes are simple, they are part of sports to" Gladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer commented. "But this has brought us a little from the concept."

Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates

 Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates The gate of Florian Neuhaus Zum 2: 0 Against Greuther Fürth was an eye-catcher. Not for the first time in his career, the midfielder meets an extraordinary way. © Getty Images Florian Neuhaus presented his skills as artists against Greuther Fürth. Gladbach's midfielder as artists The problem know all the footballers. Between idea and execution sometimes worlds can lie. But at Neuhaus, so it seems that things are somehow closer to each other than other professionals.

The foals fans but were not only disappointed after the game about the outcome, even confused. Playful Cologne was in fact not really superior to Glad Bachern. so many fans turned their frustration in the direction of Florian Neuhaus, who has made even more unpopular with its current error itself.

The really frustrating, is not that sprang from this defeat a playful or individual superiority, but only the will and passion.

"ripped": pepper leads locomotive to Derby victory

 The Leipziger Derby went to the 1st FC Lok. A tight success against chemistry. Scorer Sascha Pfeffer arranged the victory as well as the two coaches accordingly. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports led his team in Leipziger Derby to victory: Lok-Captain Sascha Pfeffer. Chemistry must be just beaten in the Leipzig city duel 1: 0 Standed it after a lined 90 minutes, the favored homeland had the nose at the end. "Congratulations to Lok," Miroslav Jagatic showed himself as a fair loser.

#KOEBMG - Matthias Cosack ?? (@MCosack) November 27, 2021

Every away game of the season so far against opponents who were in last season behind us was just bad. What is this? I do not get it. That it's the motivation now and then, okay. But in the derby? Completely incomprehensible. #KOEBMG #dieFohlen

- Jonah? (@ JonesVFL1900) November 27, 2021

And perhaps the swatter, also shows Adi Hütter # again what is currently available as a squad for a tame, unbalanced mix his disposal. His face gives us hope that he is internally pushing to change character and composition from winter.

Before Herbert Premiere: Two Corona Falls at the DBB Team

 Before Herbert Premiere: Two Corona Falls at the DBB Team Kenneth Ogbe by Alba Berlin has been positively tested for the Coronavirus before the Basketball national team in Nuremberg. © Provided by in front of Herbert Premiere: Two Corona Falls at the DBB Team Kenneth Ogbe from the German Basketball Master Alba Berlin has been positively tested for the coronavirus before the national team in Nuremberg and is missing in the World Cup qualifiers on the Thursday in Nuremberg against Estonia (19.00 clock) as well as in Lublin against host Poland

#KOEBMG - Tribune stool (@fohlenkanal) November 27, 2021

finger is pointing per se crap. But Neuhaus is quiet now hopefully.

- Block B Berlin (@Block_B_Berlin) November 27, 2021

And again shoots #Neuhaus the goat. That runs like a thread through the season. But most likely it has again been many derRückendeckung by coach. The guy should stop times to play arrogant, get on the floor and be self-critical #KOEBMG

- Stefan Pfeiffer (@Digitalnaiv) November 27, 2021

backing is when a limp cross must push for opposing strikers also in the professional sector, the one anno 1967 already the / F-youth coach * had screamed in from the body.

Fürth-Coach Leitl «very eaten» According to negative record

 Fürth-Coach Leitl «very eaten» According to negative record according to the brutal defeat record of his Fürther, Stefan Leitl with scratchy voice ruthlessly criticized his overburdened four-chain. © Daniel Karmann / DPA Fürth's coach Stefan Leitl was operated after the defeat against Hoffenheim. «At the present time, it is not bundesliga appropriate if you get so many goals," the angry coaches of the SPVGG Greuther Fürth stated after the defensively Blamablen 3: 6 (1: 2) against the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

#KOEBMG - Manuel Breuer (@ Binger05) November 27, 2021

Cologne 5 km longer run. This confirms the lack of Derby mentality of #Borussia . Derby is not about playing nice, but to eat grass and run. Just as the Cologne have made it, in part because they can not much more.

Lyon: Suffer of gas at Sibelin station, trains to stop for several hours

 Lyon: Suffer of gas at Sibelin station, trains to stop for several hours The measures "explosimetry and toxicity" have been negative, according to the prefecture of the Rhône © Jean-Philippe Ksiazek / AFP Sibelin's sorting station in Feyzin. incident - "explosimetry and toxicity measures" proved to be negative, according to the prefecture of the Rhône because of a suspicious odor, the activity of the Sibelin yard station in Feyzin, near Lyon ( Rhône ) was arrested several hours this Sunday.

#KOEBMG - Thommy ?? (@Tojabo) November 27, 2021

#Neuhaus shows impressively that he lives in a different reality. Hütter was apparently not so wrong the last few weeks.

#KOEBMG - Heinz (@olibit) November 27, 2021

The team struggles after the 0: 1 back, scored the deserved equalizer, and then buried by a capital Bock Florian #Neuhaus all hopes. It can not be easy, especially after such an interview in Mainz.

Farm and "Scorpion Kick": Schick and Lazaro on Shortlist for Puscas Price

 Farm and A current and a former Bundesliga professional may calculate opportunities to have shot the most beautiful gate in 2021. © Imago Images / Laci Perenyi Still to Gladbach times: Valentino Lazaro makes the scorpion.

#KOEBMG - Jonas Horvath (@ xs1ce) November 27, 2021

Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg .
Gladbach experiences a Descentrous first half against Freiburg - and writes even Bundesliga history. The guests cheer a best value. © Provided by Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg After the 1: 4-bankruptcy in Derby During the 1st FC Cologne, Borussia Mönchengladbach wanted to give the quick answer - but that went mercilessly into the pants.

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