US News: Variant Omicron: singled out and shunned by Europeans, South Africa feels "punished"

Omicron variant: a first suspect case detected in Germany

 Omicron variant: a first suspect case detected in Germany © Paul Zinken / DPA / DPA Picture-Alliance via AFP Germany, Covid-19, Variant Omicron, a near the Belgium , where a first proven case of Omicron variant has been reported, the Germany could in turn be already contaminated by the new South African variant that worries. A suspect case, detected in a person recently returned from South Africa , has indeed been identified, announced on Saturday the regional authorities of the State of Hesse (West).

Les passagers se pressaient, ce samedi, à quitter l'Afrique du Sud et l'aéroport de Johannesburg. AFP/Phill Magakoe © VALERY HACHE Passengers crowded on Saturday, to leave South Africa airport Johannesburg. AFP / Phill Magakoe The misty look, between frustration and relief, Valerie Leduc left the window from Johannesburg airport sesame pocket: finally a place on a return flight to Belgium, via Addis Ababa in three days. "It seemed to be criminals," says the young woman. On holiday in South Africa, this Belgian of 30 years had to find a solution, its original flight that was going through Switzerland was canceled after closing borders few hours after the discovery of a new variant of Covid- 19 called "Omicron" and classified as "worrying" by the WHO . This Saturday afternoon, as was evident AFP, many Europeans queued to register on a flight in the afternoon for Addis Ababa - capital of Ethiopia. The reason is simple: the closed borders, they go through other countries to join Europe ... "First we tried to change our existing ticket but it was not at all possible," said Laura Herde student Berlin was preparing to go hiking with friends when she learned to the closure of one border after another. "We had to buy tickets. On the first possible flight, "said the young woman of 25 years. The crowd was so loud on Saturday at Johannesburg airport the test center Covid - you have mostly a negative test for flying - ended up saturated, no ink or Internet access. "They can not print our results or send them by email," notes Robert Giebel, 36, exasperated. "Now We have a PCR test within 24 hours," while a simple proof of vaccination was enough just a few days. Relief came to the other side of the globe, other passengers indicate their relief. This is the case in Amsterdam, for example. "We were tense 'before boarding, testifies Rita Kizito, the face covered with a black mask. "Our close we were sending lots of messages You can not go to France, UK ... ," she says. "What we really scary part is when we saw the passengers of Air France flight be sent home." This Uganda professor returned from two weeks in Johannesburg is surprised: "We have not even been tested" in Amsterdam, she said. Yet it is in the same airport the day before Friday the arrival of two aircraft KLM Cape parties and Johannesburg had made into chaos. Passengers of two flights were segregated into two separate areas for 12 hours, the time to be tested. It emerged on Saturday that among the 592 passengers of these flights, 61 tested positive to Covid-19 . The Dutch health authorities estimate without proof again that the Omicron variant has "probably" caused contamination Covid-19 more of these passengers. South Africa deplores the situation for South Africa, the situation is difficult to live. While the Omicron variant is detected everywhere in the world - several cases have been confirmed in Belgium, England, Italy, Germany , etc. - South Africa is facing border closures. These travel bans return "to punish South Africa for its advanced genome sequencing and its ability to more quickly detect new variants," lamented the government. "New variants were detected in other countries. Each of these cases has no recent link with southern Africa. It should be noted that the reaction to these countries is radically different from that of the cases in southern Africa, "laments there too. Pretoria fears the impact of these closures on 'families, the travel and tourism sector companies. " But as they deter other countries to report discover upcoming variants of fear of being punished. "It is sometimes punished for being transparent and do things quickly," lamented the star of the South African virology Tulio de Oliveira whose team detected the variant. Travel bans were "not scientifically lot of sense," said he added, noting that Washington had imposed on China at the beginning of the pandemic, before ending up with the highest number of infections.

COVID-19: There are now 12 cases of Omicron in France .
© Copyright 2021, Obs The number of cases of infection in the Omicron variant detected in France now rises to twelve, according to the last updated balance sheet Friday night by the health authorities. "At 16h, three new cases of OMICRON variant infection have been reported in France", indicates on its site the Public Health Agency France .

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