US News: cases with omikron variants are held in Europe

Omikron brakes Africa travel from

 Omikron brakes Africa travel from with strict travel restrictions, Germany and many other states want to curb the spread of the coronavirus variant Omikron. The South Africa's government is indicated. © Alberto Pezzali / DPA / AP / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave with a view to the new variant of the Coronavirus discovered first in southern Africa have decided numerous states temporarily to initiate their travel traffic with the countries of the region or at least strict restrictions to subjugate.

in Europe piling up the Corona cases with the new virus variant Omikron discovered for the first time in South Africa and put the continent in alert: after the first cases in Germany, the UK and Italy, the new mutant was the Saturday also reported in the Czech Republic. In Bavaria, the authorities confirmed two cases. In the Netherlands, 61 of around 600 passengers from South Africa were positively tested on Corona. Whether the omikron variant is below, the test results expected on Sunday should show.

In Europa häufen sich die Corona-Fälle mit der erstmals in Südafrika entdeckten neuen Virusvariante Omikron und versetzen den Kontinent in Alarmbereitschaft: Nach Deutschland, Großbritannien, Italien wurde die neue Mutante auch in Tschechien gemeldet. © Phill Magakoe In Europe, the Corona Falls pile up with the new virus variant of Omikron discovered for the first time in South Africa and enlist the continent in alert: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy was reported to the new mutant in the Czech Republic.

The cases confirmed in Bavaria are two people who traveled on Wednesday over the airport Munich and since Thursday after a positive PCR test in domestic isolation, the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care was announced on Saturday night.

Variant Omicron: singled out and shunned by Europeans, South Africa feels "punished"

 Variant Omicron: singled out and shunned by Europeans, South Africa feels © VALERY HACHE Passengers crowded on Saturday, to leave South Africa airport Johannesburg. AFP / Phill Magakoe The misty look, between frustration and relief, Valerie Leduc left the window from Johannesburg airport sesame pocket: finally a place on a return flight to Belgium, via Addis Ababa in three days. "It seemed to be criminals," says the young woman.

After the reporting on the new virus variant, the two affected "for ahead of themselves have initiated an investigation into the variant," explained the Ministry in Munich. On demand of the news agency AFP, a Ministry of Ministry declared: "The VOC PCR has produced a high degree of suspicion along with the travel internal amnisa, the full-yielding sequencing will take certainty."

A suspected of the variant of infected German travel returns from South Africa had already arrived last Sunday about Frankfurt Airport, as the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs announced. The result of complete sequencing is still off. The person was completely vaccinated.

meanwhile, a hospital in the Czech Republic confirmed the infection of a Namibia-style patient with the new Coronavirus variant Omikron. From Austria, a first suspicion was reported. According to the Ministry of Health,

Omikron variant: Moderna boss fears bad effectiveness of the vaccines

 Omikron variant: Moderna boss fears bad effectiveness of the vaccines The boss of the US vaccine manufacturer Moderna, Stephane Bancel, fears a severely limited effectiveness of the existing vaccines against the newly discovered omikron variant of the coronavirus. Because of the many mutations of the variant, scientists went out of a "considerable decrease" of the protective effect, said Bancel of the "Financial Times" of Tuesday. His company has already started working on a revised vaccine, but this will take several months.

in the United Kingdom were discovered two related Omikron cases, where there is a connection with a journey to southern Africa. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced general tightening of the entry conditions. In the future, all entrants two days after their arrival in the United Kingdom must make a PCR test and isolate themselves to the presentation of the result, he said in a short-term pressing conference.

The passengers stranded at the Amsterdam airport is the Dutch Health Authority GGD according to travelers from South Africa. In addition to the 61 positive results, there were 531 negative coronate tests. The positive tested were housed in a quarantine hotel near the airport. "The Omikron variant was probably found among the persons tested," the National Health Office announced.

On Thursday, the discovery of a new variant was announced in South Africa with the scientific name B.1.1.529. According to South African scientists, the variant could be even more infectious than the currently grassy delta variant due to unusually many mutations and make the vaccines less effective.

to Coronaur Part: Union calls for new emergency brake - Ampelpartei FDP warns of restrictions

 to Coronaur Part: Union calls for new emergency brake - Ampelpartei FDP warns of restrictions According to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, CDU and CSU require a new emergency brake in front of the federal-state summit at noon. FDP and green do not want to go so far. © DPA Bavaria Prime Minister demands a new emergency brake after the judgment from Karlsruhe. The Confederation was allowed to impose outgoing and contact restrictions in the third pandemewelle in the spring of the coronanot brake. This has communicated the Federal Constitutional Court to Tuesday morning .

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated the variant named after the Greek letter of Omikron as "worrying". The EU Disease Contribution Authority ECDC considers the risk of propagating in the EU for "high to very high". On Friday, Belgium had found an infection with Omikron at a traveler from Africa as the first EU country.

numerous countries, including Germany and other EU Member States, have limited air traffic with South Africa and other countries in the region.

The United States praised South Africa for his "transparency" to the rest of the world since the discovery of the omikron variant. US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony blinked "South African scientists for the rapid identification of the omikron variant" and praised "the South African Government for their transparency in passing on this information that should serve as a model for the world".


Fear of Omikron: So Corona Medicines .
act after a positive Corona test simply throwing a tablet to prevent to land with heavy symptoms in the hospital - that sounds good. However, it is not so easy so far. The most developed pills against Covid-19 are Molnupiravir distributed by the US pharmaconzern MSD under the name Location Vrio, as well as paxlovide of the competitor Pfizer . These antiviral agents reduce the ability of the virus to reproduce themselves.

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