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US News: shipwreck in the Channel: European Meeting Against Migration Traffic

traffic light agreement: This is in the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and FDP

 traffic light agreement: This is in the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and FDP after tough negotiations, SPD, FDP and Green have agreed on a coalition agreement for around two months after the federal election, which should form the basis for the upcoming government. In addition to a division of the various ministries, announced the three traffic light coalitions on Wednesday cornerstones of the Coalition Treaty. © dpa The traffic light stands symbolically for the coalition of FDP, SPD and Greens. All information about the general election can be found in our newsblog.

A European meeting is held Sunday in Calais to strengthen the fight "against networks", a few days after the worst migratory drama in the Channel.

  Naufrage dans la Manche: réunion européenne contre le trafic migratoire © Valeria Mongelli / Hans Lucas via AFP

Four days after the worst migratory drama in the Channel, a European meeting is held Sunday in Calais to strengthen the fight "against networks", but without the British, excluded by the France. Bringing together ministers in charge of German, Dutch, Belgian, French immigration, as well as the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, this intergovernmental work meeting begins at 3:00 pm in the port city of northern France. It is a question of strengthening "operational cooperation in the fight against smugglers as it is international networks that operate in different European countries", argues the entourage of the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

"True assassination in group": the poignant story of the rescuers intervened in the

 Channel © Copyright 2021, Obs "It's a real assassination in group", "it's been a long time. 'alarm': in Calais, volunteers from the National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM) tell their intervention during the sinking in the round in which 27 migrants died on Wednesday.

The meeting will unfold without the British part: Mr. Darmanin hid his counterpart Patel, Friday, in response to a letter published Thursday night on Twitter by Boris Johnson, asking Paris to resume migrants arriving in Great Britain since France. The letter also evoked joint police patrols on the north coast of France. "That's exactly the kind of things we need to do," said British Minister Sajid Javid on Sunday, on Sky News. "We must all do our best to break the business model of these smuggling" and "work closely with our friends, France," said Javid. "Our policy is very clear: these boats must stop. We can not do it alone. We need the cooperation of the French".

"Avoiding new tragedies"

The sinking, which has cost the lives at least 27 people Wednesday, is the worst migratory drama in the Channel, now trampled daily aboard fragile boats by migrants trying to rally the English coast. These crossings have developed since 2018 against the closure of the port of Calais and Eurotunnel, that migrants borrowed hiding in vehicles. Excluded from the meeting, the British Interior Minister Prii Patel announced in a tweet that she would have "urgent talks with (her) European counterparts" next week, "to avoid new tragedies in the sleeve". "The death of these 27 people must be a clear appeal to cooperate," she said in a tribune published in the Tabloid The Sun.

Johnson calls France to take over all the migrants crossing the

 Johnson calls France to take over all the migrants crossing the Channel © Reuters / Toby Melville British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arriving at Westminster Cathedral in London, November 23, 2021. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposes At Emmanuel Macron to set up "a bilateral readmission agreement" to allow the return of illegal migrants that cross the Channel in France.

According to Prii Patel, the joint work of London and Paris "made it possible to avoid more than 20,000 crossings this year" and to proceed "to more than 400 arrests" since 2020. "But we can do much more", She stated, calling for more "effective and coordinated actions on both sides of the Channel". Saturday, the vice-president of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas felt that it was going to Great Britain to solve its problems relating to the influx of migrants. The United Kingdom "left the European Union", accordingly it "must now decide how to organize the management of the control of its borders," said Schinas.

"The countries reject the fault while children are drowning"

The investigation is conducted to the national jurisdiction responsible for the fight against organized crime (Junlaco) in Paris. But nothing has yet filtered, nor about the nationality of victims or the causes of the sinking. A young Iraqi Kurdish party to join his fiancé is among the victims, according to his family, in mourning, interviewed by AFP in Soran in Iraq. According to the rescuers, the shipwrecked on board a flexible pneumatic boat of a dozen meters. Only one Iraqi and a Somali were saved. Before the meeting of Calais, United Kingdom and France were very criticized for quarrels instead of working together. "The two countries play to reject the fault while the children are drowning in our sleeve," said Sky News the Foreign Affairs of the British Opposition Labor Party, Lisa Nandy. Many NGOs have pleaded for a less hard asylum policy and setting up "safe" roads.

Pope Francis expressed Sunday his "pain" for dead migrants in the Channel, those blocked at the Belarusian border and those who die in the Mediterranean. He launched a new call "especially to the civil and military authorities, so that understanding and dialogue finally prevail on any type of instrumentalization".

Also on MSN - The European Commission refers to London the responsibility "the control of its borders"

Bundestag: Traffic light parties defend parties of parties .
SPD, Greens and FDP want to replenish the Infection Protection Act: the most important points at a glance. © Michele Tantussi / Reuters In the Bundestag, the deputies debate among other things via a partial vaccination. traffic lights parties defend peilial obligation The Bundestag has first advised on the planned corona vaccination obligation for staff in clinics and nursing homes.

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