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US News: Maryam, 24, first victim identified with the sinking of migrants in the

shipwrecking a migrant boat off Calais: what we know about the drama that made 31 dead

 shipwrecking a migrant boat off Calais: what we know about the drama that made 31 dead © Copyright 2021, the Obs thirty-one migrants died this Wednesday 24 after their boat capsized in the sleeve off Calais. Research is underway to find possible survivors. "France will not let the handle become a cemetery," said Emmanuel Macron. "Obs" takes stock. 31 Deceased migrants The balance sheet has continued to grow in the day, reaching 31 people died in the evening, according to a statement from the Elysée.

Maryam Nouri Mohammad Amin, à gauche, avec son fiancé, en janvier 2020, et à droite, en Allemagne, en novembre 2021. Channel © @alibunkallsky / Krmanj Ezzat Dargali Maryam Nouri Mohammad Amin, on the left, with his fiance, in January 2020, and right, in Germany, in Germany November 2021.

A 24-year-old Kurdish woman, native to Northern Iraq, is the first identified victim of the sinking who did 27 dead, Wednesday, in the Channel. She was trying to join her fiancé in the UK. This one, in contact with message with his future wife, attended his death almost live.

Maryam Nouri Mohammad Amin dreamed of a new life. This young student left northern Iraq to join his fiancé residing in the United Kingdom. The two lovers, separated, had made the promise to meet again.

Migrants: What answer from the executive to the Calais drama at five months of the presidential election?

 Migrants: What answer from the executive to the Calais drama at five months of the presidential election? © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP Twenty-seven migrants died in the sinking of a boat off Calais Wednesday, while they were trying to win Great Britain. This drama, qualified as "tragedy" by Prime Minister Jean Castex, is the most murderer since flexée in 2018 migratory crossings of the Channel. At five months of the presidential election, the executive must therefore find solutions. At least 27 migrants lost the life on Wednesday in the sinking of their boat off Calais, trying to join England.

Several British media have encountered relatives of this young Kurdish who confirmed his death in the murdering sinking of a migrant canoe on November 24, off Calais.

Iraqi is the first victim identified among the 27 migrants, including 17 men, six women, a pregnant woman, and three young people, who perished in this drama.

No visa to join his fiancé

having not obtained a visa for the United Kingdom, despite several requests filed at the British Embassy, ​​of which a "delayed" procedure according to his relatives , she had decided to take the Road to Europe to find a way to reach its future spouse.

Equipped with an Italian visa, Maryam joined Turkey, Italy, then Germany and finally France, where it went to the shoreline bordering the Channel. She did not warn her fagon on board a canoe at the last minute.

Johnson calls France to take over all the migrants crossing the

 Johnson calls France to take over all the migrants crossing the Channel © Reuters / Toby Melville British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arriving at Westminster Cathedral in London, November 23, 2021. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposes At Emmanuel Macron to set up "a bilateral readmission agreement" to allow the return of illegal migrants that cross the Channel in France.

The GPS signal has stopped emitting halfway

the two lovers exchanged messages on Snapchat during a good part of the trip and Maryam took care to share its GPS position so that its companion can follow his trip. This one has almost assisted his live dead. He told to the BBC that she wrote messages at the moment when the pneumatic canoe started to deflate.

Maryam explained to him that the passengers were trying to get the water engulfed inside the boat. She tried to reassure him by telling him that they would be rescued, that the authorities were on their way. Then the GPS signal stopped emitting halfway between Calais and the Kent English coast.

"Most often repatriation is supported by the associations"

"his mother and father are totally devastated," said Sky News a cousin of Maryam, Krmanj Ezzat Dargali. His family now wants his remains to be repatriated as soon as possible and "that the European and British authorities promote the type of family reunification to which the victim aspired", reports BFM , which spoke with a uncle and a cousin of The victim in northern Iraq, where his family lives.

Migratory Policy: Julien Bayou blames France "to harass migrants"

 Migratory Policy: Julien Bayou blames France © Europe 1 Twenty-seven migrants found death on Wednesday in the sinking of a boat off Calais, while they were trying to Win Great Britain. Guest of Dimitri Pavlenko on Europe Morning Friday, the National Secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV) Julien Bayou, blamed France's behavior on the migration issue and denounced the touquet agreements. Twenty-seven migrants died Wednesday in the sinking of their boat in the Channel off Calais.

Administrative and financial support for the repatriation of dead migrants by tempting crossing to the United Kingdom is one of the demands of local migrant assistance associations in Calais, together on Thursday in tribute to the victims of the sinking that cost the life in Maryam. "Most often repatriation is supported by associations through calls to donations on social networks," says Nathanael Cabillaux, Secours Catholique, interviewed by France 24.

The case of Maryam is particular because his family quickly understood that she was part of the victims. For others, identification is a long fight. The bodies of the 27 migrants drowned during this sinking were transferred to the Lille Medico-Legal Institute, to be autopsied and identified.

avoid a burial under x

on the ground in Calais and in its surroundings, as for each death at the border with the United Kingdom, a group of Calaisian associators does a job of investigation to try to give a face to migrants disappeared. They have baptized the "deathgroup" since 2017, when they gathered to "give an identity" to the exiles and avoid a burial under X.

anyone whose identity is unknown is placed in a temporary cellar. Then, if for five years no family member claims the body, the bones are placed in an ossuary or incinerated, explains to AFP Jan Kakar, president of an Afghan association in Paris.

He claims to have been contacted by eight Afghan families, persuaded that a son, a brother, a cousin was on the canoe that sank. Alongside Samad Akrach, head of the Tahara Association, which burst the whole year and migrants free of charge, it tries to have access to the bodies to proceed with the identification through the photos provided by families. For the time being, this access is refused, for lack of agreement of the judicial chain.

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Two Cameroonians blocked in the nicosia buffer zone will go with the pope in Italy .
© AFP d them Cameroonians blocked for months in the buffer zone separating the two parts of the divided island of Cyprus are part of the group of 50 Migrants that will be transferred to the Italy after a two-day visit of Pope Francis to Nicosia, announced on Friday the local authorities.

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