US News: Peru: magnitude 7.5 earthquake in northern

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  Pérou: séisme de magnitude 7,5 dans le nord © AFP

U n Earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck Sunday at dawn north of Peru , making ten wounded and material damage, according to the First information from the Peruvian authorities.

The earthquake shook at 05:52 local time (10:52 GMT) The northern jungle and a vast area near the Central Coast, said the National Institute of Peruvian Geophysics.

The latter situates the epicenter at 98 km east of Santa Maria de Nieva, the capital of the province of Condorchanqui in the department of Amazonas, 860 km northeast of Lima near the border with the border with The Ecuador , at a depth of 131 km.

Santa Maria de Nieva is in a sparsely populated area where natives live, on the banks of the Nieva, a river.

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According to civil defense, the earthquake made ten wounded and 175 homeless, while eleven houses were destroyed in the Amazonas.

The earthquake also caused damage to infrastructure in at least two Ecuador provinces, announced its president, Guillermo Lasso.

In Peru, the shake was felt on almost half of the territory, in the north and center, especially in areas like Piura, Tumbes, Lambayeque, Ancash and in the capital.

A Lima, located more than a thousand kilometers south of the epicenter, the population has come down in the streets of certain neighborhoods.

The Peruvian capital, populated by ten million inhabitants, had already been shaken a little earlier Sunday morning by another jumper jagnitude 5.2.

"We are all out on the street, we are very scared," said RPP Lucia radio, from the city of Chota to the Cajamarca area, from which the Peruvian President Pedro Castillo originated.

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 Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point © APA / AFP N Objects Measures, new balance sheets and highlights: One point on the latest developments in the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world. Austria reconfins in an electric climate Austria is officially confined since Monday, its 8.9 million inhabitants having, on paper, the prohibition to go out, except for shopping, sports or for medical care. It is possible to go to the office and to deposit children at school but the authorities have called upon keeping them at home.

"The movement was immense," also testified to RPP Hector Requejo, the Mayor of the District of Santa Maria de Nieva, which has 2,500 inhabitants. He told that some houses built in dried and wooded earth had collapsed.

In the Jalca's Discountation, also in the Amazonas department, the 14-meter high of a colonial church collapsed.

Electricity cuts have been reported in the affected areas.

Peru is shaken every year by at least 400 population trends perceptible by the population, as it is located on the Pacific Firebelt, a telelusive activity area that extends along the west coast of the American continent. .

On August 15, 2007, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, whose epicenter had been located on the central coast had shaken the port of Pisco, making 595 dead.

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