US News: Iranian nuclear: the time of the recovery of the negotiations has sounded

Kurdistan Iranian: a wave of unexplained arrests

 Kurdistan Iranian: a wave of unexplained arrests © AFP - Atta Kenare The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the Tribune of Parliament in Tehran, on November 16, 2021. A wave of arrests is currently in court in the province of Iranian Kurdistan. In total, 32 men were arrested in ten days. Until now, none of them could explain to his loved ones the reason for his arrest. For fear of being they too victims, some residents of the surrounding villages fled their home.

Le principal négociateur iranien, Ali Bagheri Kan. © Tolga Akmen AFP the main Iranian negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kan.

Meeting under high voltage this Monday, November 29 in Austria. With the resumption of the negotiations between Iran and the great powers in Vienna, the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the objective is to try to resurrect the agreement of 2015, which has by the Suite largely derailed under the impulse of the United States.

The United States of Trump had left the agreement so difficult to found in Vienna under Obama, and restored sanctions, which stifle the Iranian economy. Then Iran had gradually restarted activities beyond the limits. You have to start again.

Iran hopes a "constructive" meeting with the head of the IAEA

 Iran hopes a © Atomic Energy Organization of Iran / AFP The Iran has desired Monday a "constructive" meeting with the head of the International Agency Atomic energy (IAEA) and rejected Washington's military threats, a week of the talks planned for Vienna to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement.

It is a strong Iranian delegation, consisting of about forty members and directed by Ali Bagheri Kani , a rather hard curator, who consented to travel to Vienna to do this, notes our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi .

the tone is rather firm, on the Iranian side: Ali Bagheri Kani, who represents a less inclined government for dialogue than under the ROHANI era, said the primary goal was the end of all American sanctions, of verifiable way.

He added that Iran did not trust the West and was not going to repeat the mistakes of the past. "The Iranian people will not submit to military threats and economic sanctions", promises the head of the delegation sent by Tehran.

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International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years

 International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years © AFP / Archives The execution Wednesday in Iran of a man sentenced for a murder that he was a minor, raised a International Taille, the ONU claiming "shocked" by the application of the death penalty despite the intervention of many parties to give it up. Iranian Arman Abdolali, today 25 years old, was executed at dawn in Rajai Shahr Prison near Tehran, in accordance with the "Talion Act" requested by the victim's family , announced the site of the Mizan Online Judiciary Authority.

civilian nuclear program?

The Islamic Republic rejected the request of The IAEA , the United States, but also France, Germany and the United Kingdom, which wanted the "cargo" of the nuclear IEA can better control Iran's activities in this area.

especially in the Karaj site, near Tehran. Iran produces in this location of state-of-the-art and faster centrifuges, which allow the country to further accelerate its uranium enrichment program, an old sea snake.

The country, today, enriches uranium To a degree that has nothing to do with a civilian program, and its stock of nuclear material swells dangerously, as noted by the International Atomic Energy Agency in each of its reports.

For a year, Iran has considerably limited its cooperation with the UN agency. In these circumstances, these negotiations caused by the arrival of Joe Biden, on the side of Washington, are rather difficult and could drag.

Iranian Nuclear: Resumption of Tension Negotiations in Vienna

 Iranian Nuclear: Resumption of Tension Negotiations in Vienna © Florian Schroeter, AP The flag of Iran floats in front of the international center building with the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, in Vienna In Austria, Monday, May 24, 2021. After five months of break, the United States of Joe Biden resume Monday in Vienna the indirect negotiations with Iran about the Iranian nuclear agreement. Observers remain pessimistic about the possibility of saving the agreement spent in 2015. The atmosphere is stretched in Vienna.

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Total failure is not excluded

at the Coburg Palace, the new team of Iranian negotiators will have direct discussions with Chinese, Russian representatives, French, British and German, as well as indirect discussions with the US emissary, Robert Malley.

Several bilateral encounters have already taken place this Sunday in the Austrian capital, explains our special envoy on site, Nicolas Faz , and all the scenarios are conceivable at this stage, including the total failure of the discussions.

For the Powers Group, the issue is just as clear as for Iran: it is a question of ensuring that this country can not have the atomic bomb. Remains the idea of ​​an interim agreement that would reduce the tension to facilitate dialogue.

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Nuclear Iranian-Smill Special US Back to Vienna This Weekend .
Iran-Nucleaire / USA (Photo): Iranian Nuclear-Special Us Back to Vienna This Weekend Washington, December 8 ( Reuters) - The US emissary US for Iran, Rob Malley plans to visit this weekend in the Austrian capital for new discussions to restore the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power, said Wednesday. spokesperson for the US State Department.

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