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US News: Afghanistan. The Taliban requires the help of the EU to ensure the operation of the airports

Black Friday: a shower of promotions and beautiful scams

 Black Friday: a shower of promotions and beautiful scams © Karrastock Operation Black Friday, born in the United States, landed in France around 2016, and spread over three days. The kickoff of Christmas purchases will fall for many this year on November 26, the launch date of the Black Friday ("Black Friday" in French). That day, to attract the barge, various and varied brands will play elbows by offering their best commercial offers. Promotions and broken prices, which create endless tails at the entrance of the shops and heat bank cards.

Un membre des Talibans à l'aéroport de Kaboul, le 5 septembre 2021. © Reuters A member of the Taliban at Kabul Airport, September 5, 2021.

Afghan leaders are committed, during discussions with the At the Quatar this weekend, to allow the departure of those who wish, stressing the importance of maintaining open airports. In order to guarantee their operations, the Taliban asked for financial assistance to the European Union.

The Taliban asked for the assistance of the European Union to guarantee the functioning of Afghans airports at discussions this weekend in Doha , where they committed to allow the departure of those who wish it , announced the EU Sunday, November 28.

"The Afghan delegation has confirmed its commitment to ensuring and facilitating the safe transition from foreign nationals and Afghans who wish to leave the country," said the EU diplomatic service (EEAS).

UN warning from collapse of the Afghan Banking System

 UN warning from collapse of the Afghan Banking System The United Nations have warned against severe consequences of collapse of the Afghan banking system. The economic costs with social consequences are "colossal", states in a UN development program (UNDP) published on Monday. © Oliver Weiken / DPA Afghan men are waiting for a bank in Kabul to withdraw money. The longer the delay of restoration of the financial and banking system lasting, the longer the recovery phase is due to the following loss of confidence of international markets.

"In this respect, both parties emphasized the fundamental importance of maintaining open Afghan airports and the Afghan delegation requested help to maintain airport operations," adds European diplomacy.

The Taliban were also committed to respecting their promise of "Amnesty General" for Afghans who worked against them for the two decades of Western domination, until the rushing of the United States in August, according to this document .

In addition, "the two parties have been seriously concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan as a winter approach," says the statement, which specifies that the EU will continue to provide humanitarian aid.

respect for human rights "In accordance with Islamic principles"

Iran hopes a "constructive" meeting with the head of the IAEA

 Iran hopes a © Atomic Energy Organization of Iran / AFP The Iran has desired Monday a "constructive" meeting with the head of the International Agency Atomic energy (IAEA) and rejected Washington's military threats, a week of the talks planned for Vienna to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement.

The EU has urged the Taliban to put in place an "inclusive government", to encourage democracy and to guarantee the equal access of girls to schooling.

It also suggested that if the Taliban filled the conditions of the EU, additional funding could be unlocked, but only "to the direct benefit of the Afghan people".

The Taliban reaffirmed that they would respect human rights "in accordance with Islamic principles" and that they would welcome the return of diplomatic missions that had been closed, according to the statement.

The EU clarifies in the Communiqué that "the dialogue does not imply the EU recognition of the Interim Government (Taliban) but is part of the EU's operational commitment, in the interest of the EU and of the Afghan people ".

These discussions preceded two weeks of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban, planned from Monday in the Qatarie capital as well.

The Talibane delegation was led by the Interim Minister for Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Mutaqqi and the EU Delegation by the Special Envoy for Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson.

planet. Less and less water, more and more conflicts .
© AFP, Shwan Mohammed This photo taken on October 26, 2021 shows the Darbandikhan dam after the water level dropped by 7.5 meters into one year, in the north-east of Iraq. The freshwater stock drops from one centimeter per year on earth for twenty years, according to the World Meteorology Organization. The scarcity is already felt in many regions. Does the fresh water already miss? Yes, says the last report of the World Meteorology Organization (WMO).

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