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US News: Iranian Nuclear: Resumption of Tension Negotiations in Vienna

protest in Vienna against mandatory vaccination

 protest in Vienna against mandatory vaccination The personal restrictions brought new corona requirements drive the Austrians on the road. In Vienna and elsewhere there were rallies. © Lisa Leutner / AP / picture alliance Provided by German wave Before there is a nationwide lockdown for all on Monday, tens of thousands of people have gathered to protest in Austria. In the capital Vienna, there were around 30,000 people according to estimates of the police.

Le drapeau de l'Iran flotte devant le bâtiment du Centre international avec le siège de l'Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique, AIEA, à Vienne, en Autriche, le lundi 24 mai 2021. © Florian Schroeter, AP The flag of Iran floats in front of the international center building with the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, in Vienna In Austria, Monday, May 24, 2021.

After five months of break, the United States of Joe Biden resume Monday in Vienna the indirect negotiations with Iran about the Iranian nuclear agreement. Observers remain pessimistic about the possibility of saving the agreement spent in 2015.

The atmosphere is stretched in Vienna. After five months of break, the Iranian nuclear negotiators are found, Monday, November 29 in the Austrian capital, to try to quickly resurrect the 2015 international agreement. But analysts remain little optimistic about the chances of success.

Australia finalizes the purchase of US nuclear submarines

 Australia finalizes the purchase of US nuclear submarines © Naval Group - Naval Group 's Naval Group Submarine Australia officially signed an agreement with the United States and Great Britain for the acquisition of nuclear submarines. This agreement follows the cancellation by Australia of a megaContrrate of purchase of 12 French submarines with conventional propulsion. Australia officially engaged today in a very contested program to equip nuclear-powered submarines as part of a new defense alliance with Great Britain and the United States.

, however, they had left in June on a positive note, saying "close to an agreement", but the arrival in power in Iran of the UltraConservative President Ebrahim Raissi has changed the game.

For months, Iran ignored the call of Westerners to come back around the table, while pursuing the rise of its nuclear program. And if the discussions finally resume, it is not under the best auspices.

Before his coming to Austria, the American emissary Rob Malley felt that the recent Iranian acts were "no auspicious". And adding: "If they drag your feet while accelerating the rhythm with their nuclear program (...) Then, of course, we would not be ready to stay the arms crossed."

Since the beginning of the year, Iran has taken several lines, bringing the uranium enrichment rate at unpublished levels and restricting access to IAEA inspectors.

German power saved even after nuclear phase

 German power saved even after nuclear phase Berlin. High energy prices and the coal exit have the discussion on nuclear power recently rekindled. At the end of 2022, the last Meiler should be switched off. then goes into Germany from the light? © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert High energy prices have the discussion on nuclear power recently rekindled. The power supply in Germany will be secured according to a study even after the planned shutdown of the remaining six nuclear power plants in the coming year.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, responsible for monitoring the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, last week lamented, after a brief visit to Tehran, the lack of progress on several outstanding questions.

Extraordinary Session

In order not to jeopardize the resumption of negotiations, Westerners have refrained from any critical resolution at the Board of Governors who ended up Friday, but the United States threatened to convene an extraordinary session In December if the impasse had to continue.

"The refusal of Iran to find a compromise with the IAEA throws a shadow on the coming talks", believes in a note Henry Rome, specialist in Iran at Eurasia Group.

"If the former US President Donald Trump is at the origin of the crisis, the Iranian actions prolongs," she launched. "They act as if Washington was going to flank first, but this pressure is a double-edged weapon" which could annihilate any hope of saving the 2015 agreement.

Iranian nuclear: the time of the recovery of the negotiations has sounded

 Iranian nuclear: the time of the recovery of the negotiations has sounded © Tolga Akmen AFP the main Iranian negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kan. Meeting under high voltage this Monday, November 29 in Austria. With the resumption of the negotiations between Iran and the great powers in Vienna, the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the objective is to try to resurrect the agreement of 2015, which has by the Suite largely derailed under the impulse of the United States.

This text, known as the English acronym JCPOA, offered to Tehran the lifting Part of the sanctions stifling its economy in exchange for a drastic reduction of its nuclear program, placed under a strict control of the United Nations. But the United States has unilaterally left the Covenant in 2018 under the chairmanship of Donald Trump and restored punitive measures. In return, the Islamic Republic has gradually abandoned its commitments.

The Karaj complex, near Tehran, which houses a centrifuge component manufacturing workshop, particularly worries the IAEA that has not been accessive since an attack on the site in June, attributed to Israel.

Israel "Very concerned"

"gaps in surveillance are likely to feed speculation on the existence of a secret program of Tehran" to design the atomic weapon, "evidence or not", and to undermine confidence , warns Ms. Davenport.

Negotiations will now be held at the Coburg Palace, the same where the July 2015 Nuclear Agreement was concluded.

The kickoff is scheduled around 2:00 am local time (13 h GMT), according to a source diplomatic.

Faced with the important Iranian delegation, will take place the diplomats of the other States yet to the Agreement - Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China -, while the United States of Joe Biden participate in the talks indirect. It will also be necessary to count with Israel, which is not invited to the discussions, but whose head of the Diplomacy Yaïr Lapid is expected Monday in Europe in the hope of inflecting the positions of London and Paris.

enemy number one of Iran, the Hebrew state is called "very concerned about the willingness to lift sanctions in exchange for insufficient restrictions on the nuclear program".

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Nuclear Iranian-Smill Special US Back to Vienna This Weekend .
Iran-Nucleaire / USA (Photo): Iranian Nuclear-Special Us Back to Vienna This Weekend Washington, December 8 ( Reuters) - The US emissary US for Iran, Rob Malley plans to visit this weekend in the Austrian capital for new discussions to restore the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power, said Wednesday. spokesperson for the US State Department.

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