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US News: presidential election 2022: Macron supports unite under the banner "citizen together!"

Emmanuel Macron in the Hauts-de-France, on the land of Xavier Bertrand

 Emmanuel Macron in the Hauts-de-France, on the land of Xavier Bertrand Emmanuel Macron must announce on Friday a new slice of aid, pursuing the announcement of state subsidies that it multiplies since September. © Benoit Tessier / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron has arrived in the Hauts-de-France Friday to announce new aids to the territory of Sambre-Avesnois-Thiérache, before a second stage Monday in Amiens, five months from the Presidential .

Le président français Emmanuel Macron lors d'un déplacement à Amiens, le 22 novembre 2021. © Ludovic Marin, Pool, AP The French President Emmanuel Macron during a trip to Amiens, on November 22, 2021.

to five months of the presidential election in France, the supports of Emmanuel Macron are in great maneuvers. This Monday, November 29 evening is launched at the mutuality in Paris "Ensemble Citizens! The common house of the presidential majority in the presence of relatives and allies of the head of state, including the modem and the new party of Edward Philippe.

The common house is the big site of the scenes for the scenes for several months. Either, the creation of a structure which groups all the supports of Emmanuel Macron for the elections of 2022.

Venezuela: overwhelming victory of power in the regional elections

 Venezuela: overwhelming victory of power in the regional elections © Federico Parra in a polling station in Caracas, under the eye of Hugo Chavez, November 21, 2021 The power of President Nicolas Maduro, whose re-election to the presidency From Venezuela in 2018 is not recognized by part of the international community, won an overwhelming victory in Sunday's regional elections, winning 20 governor positions and the town hall of Caracas.

in this "house", there will be three main rooms: the Republic in March - the party founded by Emmanuel Macron -, the modem of François Bayrou and the whole new party of former Prime Minister Edward Philippe, Horizons .

The construction was not easy, because of the inimities between some and different wishes. Finally, this common house "will not be quite a party, but it will be more than just a banner," summarizes one of its craftsmen.

Objectives of this project: first to unite the majority before the presidential battle. But also offer shelter to all those who would rally Emmanuel Macron , but who would not want to adhere to a party. And then the last objective, and not least, the macronists want to agree to present a single candidate of the majority by constituency during the legislative. This thanks to the creation of a commission of inauguration: it is at this moment that we will judge the strength of this "home".

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Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron will meet with Vladimir Putin "in the coming days" .
© Stephane de Sakutin / AFP Emmanuel Macron alongside Vladimir Putin, May 29, 2017 in Versailles during the coming of the Russian leader in France. For several days, Washington, NATO and Kiev have accused Moscow to massage troops at the border with Ukraine to attack the country. US President Joe Biden spoke on this Tuesday, December 7 with Vladimir Putin.

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