US News: Tom Cruise clings to the wing of a plane in flight during the shooting of "Mission: Can not 8"

No protest after the race: Why did Red Bull withdraw?

 No protest after the race: Why did Red Bull withdraw? © Motorsport Images The rear wing of Mercedes has so far all FIA tests passed On Friday had announced Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner announced to insert against the rear wing of Mercedes Protest , this should be striking at the Grand Prix of Qatar again be. But after the race on the Losail International Circuit, nothing like that happened, and Lewis Hamilton's victory stood with the crossing of the finish line, without lengthy investigation by the FIA ​​Commissioners.

  Tom Cruise s'accroche à l'aile d'un avion en vol pendant le tournage de « Mission : Impossible 8 » © John Phillips / Getty Images

Tom Cruise no longer stops. After stunning in the void on a motorcycle during the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 , the American actor has spent a course for the eighth pane of the franchise. The production of this new episode is currently continuing in Duxford, the United Kingdom, near its air base. The British tabloids have seen the interpreter of Ethan Hunt hanging on the wing of a military aircraft dating from the World War II , a Boeing Stearman Model 75 of 1941. On the photos published by the Daily Mail , The 59-year-old comedian wears a helmet and a combination. According to the images, the plane made several acrobatics with Tom Cruise hanging on his wing with a safety harness.

A TV Tuesday, November 23: Tom Cruise against Aliens, episode 2

 A TV Tuesday, November 23: Tom Cruise against Aliens, episode 2 Every day, find the program of movies and series to see on TV. Tonight: Tom Cruise in the future, the final of the Sophie Cross survey and the adaptation of a bestseller with Emilia Clarke. © Paramount Pictures on tv Tuesday, November 23: Tom Cruise Faced with Aliens, episode 2 Police's Day film to the catastrophe film, via Science Fiction, Tom Cruise regularly endorsed the role of hero to face terrible opponents.

It may also pilot the machine for the purposes of the film. Last October, the Sun reported that the actor had courses to learn how to fly a Boeing Stearman. "It obviously demands a lot of training, but as usual, it does not intend to save money or call a cascader," explained a source close to the actor. Since taking control of the franchise mission: impossible as a producer in 1996, Tom Cruise has forged a serious reputation for breakwater by realizing all the waterfalls of his films. In August 2017, during the filming of the sixth mission: impossible, Fallout , he had broken the ankle by jumping from one building to another. After an accumulation of delays because of the Covid-19 pandemic, mission: impossible 7 is expected in the cinemas for September 28, 2022. The continuation is already announced for July 5, 2023.

shooting in an American high school: the parents of the shooter arrested .
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