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US News: "Stable Performance": Freiburg's development step at the Bremer bridge

Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer

 Media: Resurement for Fortuna Trainer Christian Preußer Despite the negative series of four victorious comprehensive obligations successively and an unsatisfactory twelfth table spot Chef coach Christian Preußer is not at the football second division Fortuna Düsseldorf for discussion. © Robert Michael / dpa central picture / dpa Dusseldorf's coach Christian Preußer is in a deep with his team. board member Klaus Allofs explained that the game against the 1st FC Heidenheim next Friday (18.30 clock) was not a final for the coach.

with the 1: 0 at the VFL Osnabrück the reserve of the SC Freiburg a coup succeeded. After the game, coach Thomas tribe named the performance of his team "a step forward" - because it had given the Bremen Bridge a crucial difference to the previous away games.

Auswärtssieg Nummer zwei: Vincent Vermeij (#9) hat getroffen, Freiburg jubelt. © imago images Away Victory Number Two: Vincent Vermeij (# 9) made Freiburg Cheers.

With the 1-0 in Osnabrück, the SC a Coup

succeeds a very good opponent who knows how to build pressure, and thousands of fans who cheer their team until the last minute: In Freiburg they knew what they did in Freiburg On Sunday afternoon at the Bremer Bridge would expect.

Afterwards, as the referee Mitja Stegemann had baptized the game, the Breisgauer was allowed to feel confirmed. With the attachment in the back Osnabrück had left an attack shaft in the final phase after the other on the Freiburg gate - but the SC stopped and brought the 1: 0 over time. A victory, the coach Thomas tribe "not undeserved" called, "because we had our chances for over 90 minutes".

prank: "Maximum offensive" and why he finds the Bundesliga "so beautiful"

 prank: Freiburg lost for the second time in series and reaffirmed some opposing scoring chances. Christian Streich but does not want to hedging, but defends vehemently the SC game idea. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports has a clear idea of ​​how the SC should play: Freiburg's coach Christian prank. Freiburg's coach defends its own game idea, praises the league and Bochum at a away game in Munich are the ten of Freiburg at the 1: 2 last approved opportunities of the record champion a decent value.

Just that was the difference to many previous Freiburg away game: The SC had always become active and had made the opponent from tasks. So the 90 minutes on the Bremen bridge became a proof that the young team matures more and more. "It was a good step that above all we have brought a more stable performance than in Munich and in Kaiserslautern," said trunk.

"We are glad that we were able to confirm the tendency of the last weeks." (Thomas Stem)

in the Grünwalder Stadium had lost his team 0: 6, on the Bayenberg 0: 3. Now Freiburg was again demanded in a starred and quite ambitious third division, but this time had significantly more to oppose and finally won the place where the Bundesliga team had won four weeks before in the DFB Cup.

clearly so that trunk was quite satisfied after the second away win of the season and expressed this by concluding: "Basically, we are glad that we could confirm the tendency of the last weeks."

Kenya: A car accident made at least 31 dead .
by passing on a bridge in the center of the country, the vehicle was carried away by a flood river © Khalil Senosi / AP an ambulance in Kenya (illustration). Drama - By going on a bridge in the center of the country, the vehicle was carried away by a flood river The balance sheet is already terrible and it could unfortunately still increase. Some 31 people died drowned when a bus was taken away from a bridge by an river Saturday in the center of Kenya , announced Sunday the local governor.

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