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US News: Tesla ecostrom: Elon Musk rich e-cars and missiles not

after numerous damage: Drivers are supposed to avoid margins in Qatar

 after numerous damage: Drivers are supposed to avoid margins in Qatar © Motorsport Images Beautiful pictures for the viewers, no beautiful pictures for the teams "Stay away from the rims!" This is the message that is passed on from most Formula 1 teams to your drivers. Because in training on Friday ( Formula 1 2021 live in the Ticker ), some vehicles have been severely damaged by the rims on the Losail International Circuit. The worst thing was Nikita Masepin, who could not participate in the second workout, because his chassis was too weakened too much.

together with a solar system and a stationary power storage creates a complete "eco-system"

Elon Musk builds electric cars, stationary power storage, solar systems, missiles and wants with his Boring Company Drill tunnels. As a new field of activity, the electricity market is now added: Together with Octopus Energy, Tesla offers an eco-power tariff in Germany.

Tesla Powerwall © INSIDEVS GERMANY Tesla PowerWall

A Tesla electric car you do not have to have to use the tariff, but prerequisite is a separate photovoltaic system as well as a Tesla Powerwall - so the stationary power store for the home that the US company is already called Offered since 2015. A PowerWall includes a lithium-ion battery together with liquid cooling system and charging control, which allows networking with a smart home. Power failures should be automatically detected and bridged with power from the batteries, Tesla on its website .

"An absolute taboo in Buckingham": Why Elizabeth II, weakened, will not abdicate

 © Agency / Bestimage "An absolute taboo in Buckingham": Why Elizabeth II, weakened, will not abdicate the state of health Elizabeth II worries the world in recent months. The Queen of England missed several important events because of that. Will she eventually abdicate? For Jean des Cars, historian and writer, it will never happen, as he explains in the Parisien this 23rd of November. The sovereign has been very impaired for several months.

The second generation of the power storage (POWERWALL 2) stores 13.5 kWh and supplies 4.6 kW electric power at a phase - so the power store is not suitable for the quick loading of an electric car. Up to ten such devices can be installed per home.

This suits Tesla's new green electricity tariff: supplies the solar system more power than just needed, the Powerwall stores it. If she supplies too little electricity, one refers eco flow from the Tesla partner Octopus Energy.

For this is a monthly basic fee of three euros and a local fixed amount for the network operator - for Munich, the Octopus-Online computer , for example, are 5.18 euros per month. There is also the working price of just under 29 cents per kilowatt hour (in Munich). Overall, just under 68 euros per month, when you run from a power requirement from the network of 2,500 kWh a year.

"Sanctions function": Tichanowskaja calls for more determination of the EU against Lukashenko

 before the EU Parliament asks the Belarussian opposition leader for more support against ruler Lukashenko. Express concern rich rich. © Photo: DPA / AP / Jean-Francois Badias Swetlana Tichanovskaya, Belarusian opposition politician, before the European Parliament The Belarussian opposition leader Swetlana Tichanowskaya has prompted the EU to be more determined against the ruler Alexander Lukashenko.

For normal household stream you pay an average of 32 cents in Germany. At 2,500 kWh per year, the 800 euros, ie about 67 euros each month - is hardly less than the eco flow of Tesla costs. At least for electricity tariff laies as us does not sound bad.

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Source: Tesla via Wirtschaftswoche

VW boss this: From the darling of investors to the Buhmann at home .
(Bloomberg) - in March, Herbert delighted the stock exchanges with his vision to make Volkswagen AG for the world market leader for electric cars: VW would deliver 1 million battery vehicles and soon alone Building half a dozen factories in Europe, the CEO announced. The stock shot 29% on a single day.

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