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US News: Expurgeted Memories: The Ex-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper complains against the Pentagon

Australia finalizes the purchase of US nuclear submarines

 Australia finalizes the purchase of US nuclear submarines © Naval Group - Naval Group 's Naval Group Submarine Australia officially signed an agreement with the United States and Great Britain for the acquisition of nuclear submarines. This agreement follows the cancellation by Australia of a megaContrrate of purchase of 12 French submarines with conventional propulsion. Australia officially engaged today in a very contested program to equip nuclear-powered submarines as part of a new defense alliance with Great Britain and the United States.

The former US Secretary to Defense Mark Esper complains against the Pentagon, which he accuses censoring his memoirs under the coverage of secret defense .

Mark Esper © Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA Mark Esper

He means his "whole story to the American people". The former US Secretary for Defense Mark Esper complained against the Pentagon, which he accuses censoring his memoirs under coverage of defense secret. The former minister, referred by a tweet of Donald Trump soon after his defeat in November 2020, "more than disappointed that the current administration encroachs on [his] constitutional rights guaranteed by the first amendment" in the complaint. revealed by the " New York Times ". The publication of "Sacred Oath" ("a sacred oath"), "raw and sincere memories" written by the one who was for nearly a year and a half secretary of the defense "during a new period of civil disorders, of Sanitary attacks, growing exterior threats, transition from Pentagon and with a visibly comprehensive white home to circumvent the Constitution, "is scheduled for next spring to WILLIAM MORROW editions.

Armenia complains again death victim

 Armenia complains again death victim Baku / Yerevan. A 19-year-old Armenian soldier had been killed by shots, it is called the Ministry of Defense in Eriwan. The Azerbaijan government did not comment so far. © Tigran Mehrabyan For mid-December, a meeting between the Armenian head of government Nikol Paschinjan (photo) and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev was planned in Brussels. About a week after heavy battles on the border with Azerbaijan, Armenia complained about a renewed dignity.

The manuscript was, like all books written by officials, subject to the replay of the department on which it depends. According to Mark Esper's lawyers, he was asked to not cite Donald Trump or the conversations he had with him or "use certain verbs or names to describe historical events": "It's a serious injustice about important historical moments that the American people need to know and understand," says Esper, who suspects the Department of Defense for having had some elements of these expurgenties "possibly for reduce the impact "of his book to appear. "I was also asked to withdraw my opinion on the action of other countries, conversations I had with foreign representatives and about international events that have been largely covered. Many elements already reported in the public domain, some were even published by the Department of Defense, "he adds. Among the crucial moments told Mark Esper are disconnected with the former president, including the deployment of military during the anti-racist demonstrations after the murder of George Floyd or the American withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Lewandowski dissatisfied Despite Mega Quote - Nagelsmann explains Tactical change

 Lewandowski dissatisfied Despite Mega Quote - Nagelsmann explains Tactical change Bayern Star Robert Lewandowski is the personalized goalie. With 41 Bundesliga tors within a season, the pole was recently cracked the ancient record of Gerd Müller. In the current season, the 33-year-old after 18 competitive games already again has 25 stalls in the account. The perfectionist is currently not yet satisfied.

The previous John Bolton

in June 2020, The Trump administration had filed a complaint against John Bolton , former National Security Advisor, just before the publication of his memoirs "The Room Where IT HAPPENED", considering that his book " would cause severe or exceptionally serious damage to the national security of the United States. " Excerpts had been revealed a few months before, at the first trial in dismissal of Donald Trump before the Senate. John Bolton confirmed the existence of the giving between the American president and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelansky, ensuring that he had put in suspense the promised help to Ukraine to put pressure and obtain the country the opening of An investigation into his rival Joe Biden.

Interview of John Bolton: "As Trump refuses to learn, it is incompetent"

in another excerpt, John Bolton said particularly worried about the behavior of the US President for authoritarian regime leaders, including Chinese presidents XI. Jinping and Turk RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan. John Bolton would have afraid that Trump faces self-catering autocrats to tear off benefits, evoking several billionaire acts.

A judge seized urgently by the White House had refused to block the release of John Bolton's book, which Donald Trump had said that he would pay a "very strong" price the Biden administration had finally abandoned the prosecutions.

biden threat poutine penalties "As it has never seen it" in case of invasion of Ukraine .
© Copyright 2021, Obs US President Joe Biden agitated on Wednesday 8 December the threat of sanctions like Vladimir Putin "Never saw" in case of invasion of Ukraine , his Russian counterpart judging him that Moscow had "the right" to defend himself. Other Western countries have also raised the tone.

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