US News: red-green-red: Coalition agreement Berlin 2021 as PDF for download

red-green-red coalition negotiations in Berlin: Build yes, but where, how and for whom?

 red-green-red coalition negotiations in Berlin: Build yes, but where, how and for whom? 200 000 apartments want to build the possible Berlin coalition partners SPD, Greens and Left in the capital until 2030. But the topic prepares the parties even more difficulties than expected. © Monika Skolimowska / DPA Franziska Giffey, state chairman of the Berlin SPD, wants to govern together with Greens and Left in the capital Berlin.

The Berlin coalition agreement 2021 is red-green-red. You can download the complete document here as PDF.

Das sind nur die Spickzettel: Franziska Giffey bei der Vorstellung des Koalitionsvertrags. © Photo: Carsten Koall / DPA These are only the cheatouts: Franziska Giffey in the idea of ​​the coalition agreement.

The coalition agreement is: SPD, Greens and Linke have ended the negotiations and the Berlin coalition agreement 2021 under the heading "Future capital Berlin. Social. Ecologically. Diverse. Business strong "summarized.

in the preamble SPD, Green and Left have formulated the claim to be "a government for all Berliners' inside. "Affordable apartments, a climate-neutral city, a strong economy with good work, a sustainable transport infrastructure, a diverse society, a good and efficient education, social and health care, a digital and functioning administration and a secure city are therefore in the center of our policy ", Write the coalitionaries.

Senegal: The Coalition Yewwi Askan WI invests its candidates for the next elections

 Senegal: The Coalition Yewwi Askan WI invests its candidates for the next elections © Thea Ollivier / RFI Several hundred people were gathered in Dakar on November 21, 2021 for the investiture meeting of the opposition coalition candidates Yewwi Askan WI. In Senegal, the Opposition Coalition, Yewwi Askan WI organized Sunday 21 November a great meeting of inauguration of the 19 candidates of the 19 communes of Dakar. One way to present them to the voters of the capital.

The Complete Coalition Agreement allows you to download here as PDF .

The 152-page Berlin coalition agreement is divided into the following 22 points: preamble city development, building, rental working social and inclusion health and nursing climate and energy environment and animal welfare consumer protection mobility participation and migration open society relevant security justice culture and media education, youth and family science, research and college industry management budget and finanzenberlin in the federal government and European Government Cooperation

The respective party bodies must agree to the Treaty on Party Days of SPD this Sunday and Greens the following weekend. At the left, the members decide in a membership decision on the coalition agreement, which runs from 3 to 17 December.

The traffic light coalition agreement 2021 The future Federal Government can be found here as PDF for download . The title of the document, which is to be the working basis of the Alliance of SPD, Greens and FDP, is "more progress. Alliance for freedom, justice and sustainability ". (TSP)

The Casa de Panel: a Star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the Korean adaptation of the Netflix series (VIDEO) .
© Capture Twitter The Casa de Panel: A star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the adaptation Korean of the Netflix Series (VIDEO) Ads around Casa de Panel continue before the broadcast of season 5 Part 2. A Korean version is in preparation with one of the actors of the Squid Game series and he will incarner Berlin. The actors of La Casa de Papel were gathered for an exceptional day organized in Madrid, on Tuesday, November 30.

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