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US News: Anne Hidalgo loses one of his key deposits at the Paris Mairie

Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope

 Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope frustrated scientists, guilty politicians: At Anne, it is about the dramatic corona situation and a general vaccination. Because even if it hurts: one would have to be ahead of now.

The former Ecologist Célia Blauel, in charge of the prospective Paris 2030, leaves professional political life "for strictly personal reasons".

Célia Blauel, en septembre 2014. © supplied by the world Célia Blauel, in September 2014.

Bad news for Anne Hidalgo. While the beginning of his presidential campaign is difficult, the Mayor of Paris loses one of the members of his close circle at the Town Hall, Célia Blauel. This former activist of Europe Ecology-Les Greens (EELV), which has become one of the trusted women of Anne Hidalgo, announced, Monday, November 29, leave with immediate effect his duties in charge of the Seine, of the Prospective Paris 2030 and resilience.

The name of the rabbit

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The very low noise campaign of Anne Hidalgo

It is also preparing to abandon the presidency of Paris in common, the movement launched in 2019 to prepare the re-election of Anne Hidalgo in Paris, and which always includes supports of the mayor not inquired at the Socialist Party (PS). If it retires the "government" of Anne Hidalgo and cowards professional political life at 40, Célia Blauel retains for the time being his mandate as Paris Counsel.

A long-standing reflection

"The reasons for my departure are strictly personal, family, Assures Célia Blauel. There is no political reading to do it. According to her, this departure announced brutally is only the rest of a long-standing and matured reflection in particular during the confines related to COVID-19. In 2020, Already, Célia Blauel, an assistant responsible for the ecological transition during his first Parisian mandate, had hesitated on the role that was to be his in the new team from the municipal.

Grand Paris: Approximately 8,000 homes will be built by 2032

 Grand Paris: Approximately 8,000 homes will be built by 2032 PARISIAN urbanism will experience many changes by 2032. The strategy of the public institution that manages the land heritage, the society of the Grand Paris (SGP), and which designs the new public transport network, Grand Paris Express, was presented Wednesday, 24 November to the members of the Supervisory Board. The SGP plans to "carry out about one million square meters of floor area, spread over a hundred projects implanted on the entire network", reports the monitor .

The re-elected mayor had proposed to him to become an assistant urban planning, one of the most important and heaviest posts of the Town Hall. Célia Blauel had declined the offer and chose a less taking portfolio. The young mother had thus been appointed Assistant for the Prospective Paris 2030 and resilience.

Paris. A man found dead in the street, it is the 119th death of an SDF this year

 Paris. A man found dead in the street, it is the 119th death of an SDF this year © Thomas Samson / AFP A tribute to the dead in the street, organized by the collective dead of the street in Paris, the 21 March 2017. Photo Stock Illustration. A fifty-free, homeless home, was found dead in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Thursday, November 25. This is the 119th death in the streets of the capital, according to the collective "the streets of the street". The Mayor of the Xth Arrondissement, Alexandra Ropebard, requested the opening "emergency accommodation".

Jean-Louis Missika, the former Strategist of Anne Hidalgo, forced to give up two

missions of other responsibilities had, however, added next. When the Assistant for Seine Pierre Aidenbaum had forced to resign after accusations of rape in September 2020, Célia Blauel had resumed his duties. A few months later, early 2021, she had also accepted the presidency of Paris in common, thus taking the rest of the former assistant Jean-Louis Missika. A very strong confidence mark on the part of the Mayor of Paris.

Every time, the missions of the resignation are taken up by other deputies already responsible for other

Transport in Île-de-France: Trade agent strike in Transilien Station This Wednesday

 Transport in Île-de-France: Trade agent strike in Transilien Station This Wednesday Trade unions denounce job cuts, lines of lines and stations © Clément Follain / 20 minutes a transilat train from Lyon Station, January 13, 2020 in Paris (12th), during the strike against the pension reform project., January 13, 2020 in Paris, during the strike against the pension reform project.

files today, Célia Blauel considers obviously too much the weight of all these commitments. She preferred to resign, without having, for the moment, precise professional perspectives in view. His departure is not a break with Anne Hidalgo, hammering the former assistant: "Anne is someone I continue to admire strongly.

With this unexpected resignation, this is the third time that Anne Hidalgo lost a deputy since the beginning of his second term of Mayor. She first dismissed her head of culture and friend Christophe Girard, implicated for her links with the writer accused of pedocinal acts Gabriel Matzneff. Then it was Pierre Aidenbaum who had to leave.

In Paris, Anne Hidalgo and its ecologists at the edge of the nerve crisis

each time, the resigning missions are taken up by other deputies already responsible for other files. This is what is happening today: the delegation on the Seine is entrusted to Pierre Rabadan, the Deputy Sports and the Olympic Games, while Penelope Komities (innovation, attractiveness) recovers prospective and resilience. Result: Over the departures, the team tightens. In July 2020, the mayor had unveiled an extra-long list of 37 assistants, mocked by the opposition. The Paris Executive, now, more than 34.

Notre-Dame de Paris: We will know more Thursday on the interior design of the Cathedral .
The National Heritage Commission and the architecture must render its opinion on the project presented by the diocese © Romain Gaillard / Pool / SIPA The interior of Our Lady of Paris, in April 2021.

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