US News: in Ethiopia, the rebels at the doors of the capital Addis Ababa

Ethiopia: Ancient treasures looted in the nineteenth century return to Addis Ababa

 Ethiopia: Ancient treasures looted in the nineteenth century return to Addis Ababa © Gettyimages The National Ethiopian museum, in the capital Addis Ababa, exposed works looted in the 19th century and returned to Ethiopia. Here a view from Addis Ababa (picture illustration). Several antique treasures have returned this Saturday, November 20 in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. The works have been returned after spending more than 150 years in Europe. of our correspondent in Addis Ababa, Noah Hochet-Bodin This is the greatest return of works of art ever made in Ethiopia.

Des centaines de nouvelles recrues des Forces nationales de Défense de l’Ethiopie ont répondu à l’appel à la mobilisation lancé par le Premier ministre Abiy Ahmed pour défendre la capitale Addis-Abeba contre l’avancée des Tigréens. © Amanuel Sileshi, AFP Hundreds of new recruits of the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia responded to the call for mobilization launched by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to defend the capital Addis Ababa against the advance of the Tigreens.

Three years and a Nobel Award after its arrival in 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed triggered a war that goes wrong, against the refractory region of the Tiger. The army has been backing up since June and the rebels are a few tens of kilometers from the capital, Addis Ababa.

fighting lattice, camouflage cap and black glasses. Friday, November 26, the Ethiopian media showed the first images of Abiy Ahmed for several days. At the beginning of the week, the Prime Minister had entrusted the country's management to one of his lieutenants to go to the front. Former military intelligence officer, Ahmed, 45, heard in person to direct a "counter-offensive" of the army and repel the forces of the People's Liberation Front of the Tiger (TPLF). The rebellion "from North dropped several cities on the road to the capital: it is announced 180 km from Addis Ababa.

After the COVID-19, the UN anticipates shocks on the

 After the COVID-19, the UN anticipates shocks on the power supply © Dan Gold / Unsplash after COVID-19, the UN anticipates shocks on the power supply not yet out of COVID-19, Global agri-food systems must be prepared without delay to face new "shocks" in the future, be it droughts, floods or various diseases, warned Tuesday, 23 November, the FAO, the specialized agency of United Nations for Food and Agriculture At present, there are already "three billion people who can not afford to have a healthy diet that preserves them from malnutrition", rec

A war in a semi-semi-closed

in this televised sequence, filmed in the middle of an arid campaign, the Prime Minister Martial said that the National Army has "regained from the field" . But no indication was provided at the site of filming. Similarly, a state media stated on Sunday, November 28 the resumption of the city of Chifra to the rebels, without it possible to verify the information. The war, triggered by Abiy Ahmed in December 2020, made thousands of deaths, moved 2.5 million people and hung up more than 9 million Ethiopians, according to the UN. But it takes place in a semi-closed semi. The local media are strictly controlled, journalists and foreign NGOs often hampered.

Many signs show that central power of this country of 100 million inhabitants, composed of ten states and eighty-five ethnic groups, is in great difficulty.

Ethiopia: The Government recruits new soldiers

 Ethiopia: The Government recruits new soldiers © Amanuel Sileshi / AFP A man holds the Ethiopian national flag while new military recruits who join the Ethiopian national defense force attend the starting ceremony in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 24, 2021. While the rebel coalition approaches Addis Ababa, the government is recruiting new soldiers. On Wednesday, in the suburbs of the capital, about 1,200 young people were committed in the defense forces.

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three months after sending the army to the Tiger, to punish the TPLF of having organized elections without his downstream and attacked barracks of the National Army, Abiy Ahmed said victory. The young leader thought he had matched the Tygundy lords. They had shot the strings in Addis Ababa for several decades, before it marginalized them upon arrival in 2018.

saves who can

but since the beginning of November, everything indicates a debandade. Abiy Ahmed has decreed the state of emergency, then a popular mobilization. National glories have been enlisted in the operation, such as the Mesfin Bekele singer and the Double Olympic Champion of Athletics Grassié , ready to "fight until death" . Nearly 150,000 young people were trained to go quickly by police and armed to protect the capital.

especially, the government loses its coolness and vilipende the "Fake News" of Washington, an ally who has, in recent days, called the Americans to flee Ethiopia and warned against ethnic clashes, or even possible attacks , which triggered a save-who-can generalized. Many other countries, including France Tuesday, November 23, called their nationals from.

Chad: The list of rebels concerned by the amnesty law is precise .
© (Photo: Laurent Correaux / RFI) The first list that has leaked on the networks comprises 254 names among which Timan (photo) and Tom Erdimi, The nephews of former President Idriss Deby Itno who took up arms against him for more than 15 years. (Illustration Image) The government announced early a week that an amnesty law will be voted to allow members of politico-military movements to participate in the inclusive national dialogue for the end of the year.

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