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US News: Why the double vaccination soon enough to travel

A German coach resigns after the rumors of using a false vaccination certificate

 A German coach resigns after the rumors of using a false vaccination certificate © PictureAlliance / Icon Sport Markus Anfang resigned this Saturday after the opening on Thursday of an investigation by the German authorities following rumors according to which he would have used a false CVIV-19 vaccination certificate. (LP / Icon Sport) Markus Anfang finally decided to throw the sponge.

En Israël (ici l'aéroport Ben Gourion), seuls les touristes ayant reçu leur deuxième injection depuis moins de 180 jours peuvent entrer sur le territoire. © Jack Guez / AFP In Israel (here Ben Gurion Airport), only tourists who received their second injection for less than 180 days may enter the territory.

It was far sesame that allowed to cross most borders without too many constraints. The vaccination certificate, issued after performing a complete vaccination schedule, may no longer be enough to travel to Europe or elsewhere. While travel conditions already harden to unvaccinated , the authorities of some countries are beginning to shake as screws vaccinated travelers. Blame it on a deteriorated health situation by a fifth wave and the appearance of the new variant Omicron . While the vaccine recall campaigns against the 19-Covid are spreading, more and more countries could not accept that tourists who received their third dose. overview of measures that already apply to the vaccinated tourists.

Austria: tens of thousands of "resistance" protesters against compulsory vaccination

 Austria: tens of thousands of © provided by Le Parisien The Parisian is an ad shock that has not been unanimous. More than 35,000 protesters, according to the police, gathered Saturday from midday in Vienna to protest against compulsory confinement and vaccination announced the day before by the government to fight against the pandemic of Covid-19. The event was organized at the call of the FPÖ far-right party, even if his chef Herbert Kickl, tested positive to the coronavirus, was absent.

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Vaccination certificates disabled fault

reminder Until now, the question of the validity of certificates of vaccination s' was not asked. The European Commission has proposed capping the nine months from January 10, 2022 throughout the European Union. " This period takes account of the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on the administration of booster doses from six months, providing an additional three months to [...] that citizens have access to booster doses, "says Commission on its website.

Some European countries have already taken the lead. From December 6, the Austria and Italy will limit to 270 days (nine months) the valid vaccination certificates, as is already the Croatia this summer. People such received their second dose May 15, 2021 will no longer be recognized as vaccinated from February 15, 2022 by the authorities of these countries. A booster vaccination is required before this deadline to extend the validity of its health and pass to cross their borders.

Coronavirus in Israel: Launch of vaccination for children aged 5

 Coronavirus in Israel: Launch of vaccination for children aged 5 The Hebrew State had been one of the first countries to launch, in December 2020, a vast vaccination campaign for an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pfizer Epidemie - The Hebrew State had been one of the first countries to launch, in December 2020, a vast vaccination campaign thanks to an agreement with the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Giant The Vaccination against Coronavirus children aged five to eleven began on Monday night in Israel , becoming one of the first countries, after the

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Israel, the country that reopened to tourists on 1 November and where we reflect on the administration of fourth dose, foreign travelers must present a vaccination certificate dated within 180 days (six months) to enter the territory. " must be vaccinated with two doses within six months maximum before the trip or have received a third dose " to be able to travel to Israel, said the French Foreign Ministry website on the France Diplomacy. In France

, a booster dose will also be required to extend the validity of the vaccination certificate. From 15 January (reduced to 15 December for over 65 years), pass health no longer work if you have not received your booster in a maximum of seven months after the second injection (or infection Covid-19). The result: longer possible to catch a flight or a long-distance train and once there, go to a restaurant or museum.

in the Netherlands, doctors are working to vaccinate the Conservative Protestants

 in the Netherlands, doctors are working to vaccinate the Conservative Protestants © Ramon Van Flymen a caregiver administers a dose of VVID-19 vaccine in Utrecht, the Netherlands, November 19, 2021 of its Urk's firm, small town of isolated and very religious fishermen in the north of the Netherlands, Dr. Wilco Bloed tries to convince those who resist the vaccine against coronavirus, persuaded that God is on their side.

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Additional testing in the UK or Portugal

Another constraint that had often gone and that now weighs on vaccinated travelers: the requirement to conduct a screening test to pass some borders. Many countries (Mauritius, USA Canada ...) already impose this additional formality but it was previously not the case in Europe. Since Tuesday, November 30, all travelers vaccinated to UK must undergo a PCR test within two days after arrival and isolate awaiting the results. The test must be booked and paid before entering the country. The antigen tests are no longer accepted.

This obligation will also apply for travel to Portugal from Wednesday 1 December. All vaccinated travelers will have, in addition to their vaccination certificate, a negative test (PCR less than 72 hours or antigenic less than 48 hours). Both documents are for boarding at the airline staff. The refusal to submit to a test can lead to a fine of 300 to 2000 €.

experts of stiko: Children with pre-existing patients are to be vaccinated .
The constant vaccination commission wants to recommend the Corona vaccine children from five to eleven years, namely children with pre-existing conditions and contact with risk patients. But also healthy children should be vaccinated if desired. That informed the expert body. © Provided by Berliner Kurier children should therefore get the vaccine of biontech / pfizer. The vaccination should be guided by two vaccine boxes of the mRNA vaccine comrishy (10μg) at a distance of 3-6 weeks.

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