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US News: Foncière Tax: New Strong Increase for 2022

Foncière tax: How to be exempted as part of a new construction?

 Foncière tax: How to be exempted as part of a new construction? © Nattanan23 / Pixabay Exemption-of-tax-property-building-new Practice- In France, new constructions benefit from a property tax exemption, temporary and under conditions. Focus on how to get it. Below part of the Local Taxes Mandatory , the property tax is donated to the municipalities and departments. Object of A reform to enter into force from 2026 , it is currently settled by all the dwellings attached to the ground (houses, apartments, commercial buildings ...).

Taxe foncière : nouvelle forte augmentation en vue pour 2022 © Jamie Garbutt / Getty Images Land Tax: New Strong Increase for 2022 INSEE has just published its first estimates regarding the harmonized consumer price index November. An index which serves in particular for the annual re-evaluation of the rental values, on which the land taxes are calculated. Spoiler: These may strongly increase in 2022.

Inflation goes back and it does not really constitute good news for real estate owners. Certainly, this return of inflation will mechanically enable them to raise their rents, since the rents index (IRL) is calculated from the average, over the last 12 months, of price developments at the consumption off tobacco and out of rents. However, the increase in this index over the last few months (+ 2.6% for one year in October) should draw the IRL upwards for the beginning of the year 2022. But it is still difficult to know in what proportions . In any case, and this is the main bad news, this return of inflation will also result in an increase in local taxes.

German Living Takeover: Vonovia decides to increase capital increase in multiple billions - Vonovia shares Red

 German Living Takeover: Vonovia decides to increase capital increase in multiple billions - Vonovia shares Red The real estate company Vonovia translates the planned capital increase to financing the acquisition of German living. © Provided by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images As the DAX Group announced, the Management Board with the approval of the Supervisory Board has decided to carry out a fully subscribed capital increase with subscription rights for the existing shareholders of Vonovia. The volume will be around 8 billion euros.

Indeed, since 2018, the rental values ​​of the housing, which serve as a basis for the calculation of the property tax on the built properties, are annually revalued, depending on the evolution of the consumer price index. Harmonized (HICP), between November of the year N-1 and November of the year N-2. This year, this formula had proved favorable to the owners, since the evolution of the HICP between November 2019 and November 2020 was only 0.2%. The lowest since 1981. But according to the provisional results revealed on Tuesday, November 30 by INSEE - which will be consolidated in December - the index is this time much higher: + 3.4%. Which means that in 2022, rental values ​​would be revalued, at least + 3.4% all over the territory. The largest increase since the beginning of the century! An increase that will also have repercussions on other local taxes, which also integrate the cadastral rental value in their calculation, like the garbage collection tax (TEOM) or the housing tax for Households that are still indebted.

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understand that independently of the rates that will be voted next year by the municipalities, the intercommunities and the departments, your land tax could increase by at least + 3.4%. Unless your community decides to reduce its rate ... or the government decides to intervene. In the face of inflation, the executive could indeed be attempted to file an amendment to the bill of finance for 2022 in order to moderate the re-evaluation of the rental bases. But there is little chance for this to happen. At the last Congress of the Association of Mayors of France, the Minister of Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt, assured that the lump sum revision of the rental bases would be at least 3% in 2022. "This is the rule, we do not change Not the rule, we keep the same rule as before, "he hammered before the elected officials of the AMF.

What constitutes a great news for elected officials, which will thus be able to rely on an increase in their tax revenues in 2022 ... and a much less good for the owners who will face a new increase in their taxation. Between 2010 and 2020, the average amount of the property tax jumped by almost 28% , according to the last Observatory of property taxes produced by the National Union of Real Estate Owners (UNPI). An increase three times higher than inflation and that of rents over the same period.

residential tax: you have until December 15 to reduce your monthly payments .
households still paying council tax benefit from a reduction of 65% in 2022. You are monthly installments? You can ask that this relief be considered in January, but we must act quickly. 20% still indebted households of residence tax on their principal residence will benefit, in 2022, a new reduction of 65%. As the 30% granted in 2021, it will benefit all households concerned, whatever their level of income.

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