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US News: F2 Driver Carousel: Doohan and Sargeander Replace Schror and Hughes

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Jack Doohan wird in Dschidda und Abu Dhabi für MP Motorsport fahren © Motorsport Images Jack Doohan will go to Jidda and Abu Dhabi for MP Motorsport

before the final double header of the Formula 2 season 2021 with the races in Jedda ( 03.-05.12.) And Abu Dhabi (10.-12.12.) Takes the driver carousel in the junior class. In the Dutch Team MP Motorsport Jack Doohan Richard Schripor will replace. At HWA, Logan Sargeant takes over the car, which was most recently piloted by Jake Hughes.

"I am very happy about working with MP Motorsport at the last two runs of Formula 2," says Dohan. "It's a fantastic opportunity." The 18-year-old Australian, son of the five-time motorcycle world champion Mick Doohan, was in the season 2021 with four racing victims of the formula 3.

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"This opportunity will give me a small basis before I'm preparing for the next year Begin, "says Dohan, who belongs to the jovial program of Red Bull. "I have no real goals as I have never sat in a higher car than the Formula 3."

MP thus goes to the start in Jedda with two rookies after already confirmed that the Frenchman Clement Novalak takes over the car from Lirim Zendeli . Novalak and Doohan were already in the Formula 3 season 2021 teammates - at the Italian Trident Rennstall.

The American Sargeant was first confirmed by HWA only for the races in Saudi Arabia. In 2020, Sargeant had had to be beaten in the fight for the title in Formula 3 short Oscar Piastri.

2021 he could not build on this performance after changing Charouz, but at least the Czech team brought their first victory in the formula 3.

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