US News: Cheap Flights EasyJet sees first omikron effects

Flight suspension with Morocco: What Air France, Royal Air Maroc or Transavia

 Flight suspension with Morocco: What Air France, Royal Air Maroc or Transavia © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP in the Moroccan sense, all Transavia flights are maintained at least until December 2, 2021. This is not a closing of the borders, but it looks like it. The Moroccan authorities announced this Thursday, November 25 the suspension of the air and maritime links between the France and the Morocco . Including Implement this Friday, November 26, this measure was postponed a few hours later to Sunday, November 28 at 23:59 to facilitate returns.

The British low-cost airlines EasyJet can not exactly assess the economic consequences of the Coronavirus variant Omikron. However, since there are already first effects mainly on the short distance, the Ryanair competitor lowered its planned capacity in the current quarter.

Easyjet-Chef Johan Lundgren: Zum Start in den Winter gibt es viele Unsicherheiten. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA EasyJet Chef Johan Lundgren: At the start of the winter there are many uncertainties.

At the start of the winter, there are many uncertainties, said company leader Johan Lundgren at the presentation of the final figures for the past financial year 2020/21, which ended on 30 September.

The Government in London had aggravated the conditions for entrants for the end of the past week in response to the disturbing findings about the omikron variant. Accordingly, a PCR test is mandatory at the end of the second day after arrival in England at the latest. Until the receipt of a negative result, a quarantine obligation applies. For incoming from several African countries even without exception a ten-day quarantine is valid in the hotel.

suspected Omikron Infection in Germany

 suspected Omikron Infection in Germany For a returnee from South Africa, the mutations of the Coronavirus typical Omikron were detected. Germany's National Science Academy demands instant contact restrictions nationwide. © Sebastian Gollnow / DPA / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave The recent variant of the Coronavirus has achieved according to the Hessian state government "with very high probability" Germany.

Because of the uncertainties, EasyJet is now planning only a capacity of 65 percent of the 2018/19 financial year in the first quarter of the current financial year, which was not yet affected by Corona. In October, Easyjet was still announced to increase them to 70 percent. This value should now be achieved in the second quarter.

Lundgren: In the crisis is also a chance

Nevertheless, Lundgren also sees a chance in the crisis: "We are aware of the many uncertainties, while we navigate through this winter, but we see a unique opportunity for Easyjet to win customers and competitors at this time cancel market shares, "says the EasyJet boss.

With regard to the second half of the financial year, Lundgren spent optimism again. He continues to assume that the capacities will be near the pre-corona level in the coming summer, ie the fourth quarter of the year.

EasyJet generated a pre-tax loss of around 1.14 billion British pounds in the past fiscal year - with the minus in the context of the highlighted span. In 2019/20, the Company had a shortfall before taxes of 835 million pounds.

to Omikron Bloodbath: Morgan Stanley deletes oil price forecast for the first quarter 2022 Together .
The emergence of the new Corona variant Omikron has taken care of the international stock markets for a quake. The oil prices also came into the downlow in the course of renewed lockdown worries. The US investment bank Morgan Stanley then pulled the ripper and stroked its oil outlook for the first quarter of 2022. © Provided by Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images • Omikron ensures sell-off at equity and oil markets • Morgan Stanley sees oversupply in the first quarter 2022 and red

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