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US News: Fear of Omikron: The tour of travel can be returned to

Omikron brakes Africa travel from

 Omikron brakes Africa travel from with strict travel restrictions, Germany and many other states want to curb the spread of the coronavirus variant Omikron. The South Africa's government is indicated. © Alberto Pezzali / DPA / AP / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave with a view to the new variant of the Coronavirus discovered first in southern Africa have decided numerous states temporarily to initiate their travel traffic with the countries of the region or at least strict restrictions to subjugate.

the new bookings. This is due to the rising corona numbers and the new variant. Whoever flies to Germany from South Africa must be quarantined.

Abreise am Flughafen Kapstadt: Viele Urlauber wollen weg. © Photo: DPA / Xin-Hua Departure at Cape Town Airport: Many tourists want to go away.

actually Europe's largest tour operator wanted to pop the corks. After 20 months pause, on Tuesday, a TUI cruise ship in Cape Town restarted again for the first time. But instead of party mood is afraid of the highly contagious Omikron Corona variant in South Africa. So the planned land trips fall out, many passengers have gone from board to fly home. Others do not leave the ship and want to go away as quickly as possible.

cases with omikron variants are held in Europe

 cases with omikron variants are held in Europe in Europe piling up the Corona cases with the new virus variant Omikron discovered for the first time in South Africa and put the continent in alert: after the first cases in Germany, the UK and Italy, the new mutant was the Saturday also reported in the Czech Republic. In Bavaria, the authorities confirmed two cases. In the Netherlands, 61 of around 600 passengers from South Africa were positively tested on Corona.

Nobody still knows exactly what Omikron means for the travelers and the shelled travel industry. Whether the new virus variant will bring tourism back to the rise depends on how the virus is widespread, as dangerous it is and how effective the vaccines currently on the market are. The warning of the Moderna Chef Stephane Bancel, that the current vaccine against Omikron has a less good work, has damped the shares of flight and travel companies on Tuesday. Lufthansa and EasyJet lost around three percent, TUI shares gave 2.5 percent. A damper for the travel industry

The tour operators had been creating hope until a few days ago, the Corona pandemic slowly left behind. TUI Germany boss

Stefan Baumert recently blackened that the bookings could reach the level of pre-crescale time for the next summer. The number two, the tourism, had hopes for a "demand-friendly summer 2022", company leader Ingo Burmester had spoken a few days ago by "big catch-up effects". Overall, the travel industry has had to accept sales losses of around 24 billion euros since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

Gold Prize: German inflation rate over five percent

 Gold Prize: German inflation rate over five percent Once again, the Federal Statistical Office for the month of November reported a higher than expected inflation rate for Germany. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard With 5.2 percent PA, the inflation rate exceeded the analyst estimates of 5.0 percent and climbed to the highest level since June 1992. Nevertheless If the ECB is not tired not to classify the accelerated money devaluation as a temporary phenomenon.

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Signal is here. ] travel returners must be in quarantine

but instead of the longed recovery, there is now new worries. The Federal Government has explained various African states - Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa - to viral variant areas. That means: also completely vaccinated and geneses must be in quarantine after returning 14 days.

Nevertheless, Lufthansa continues to fly to South Africa, even though it is currently only able to bring travelers with German passport and people residing in Germany. But that seems to be enough. "Our flights are still well booked," said an Lufthansa spokeswoman. Tourism, on the other hand, already observes some restraint with Africa goals. However, South Africa is a rather small destination anyway. Before the corona crisis, the German Travel Association (DRV) counted 300,000 travelers at a good 55 million tourists. Most recently, only 400 German flat currications were on site.

new bookings go back

Cheap Flights EasyJet sees first omikron effects

 Cheap Flights EasyJet sees first omikron effects The British low-cost airlines EasyJet can not exactly assess the economic consequences of the Coronavirus variant Omikron. However, since there are already first effects mainly on the short distance, the Ryanair competitor lowered its planned capacity in the current quarter. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA EasyJet Chef Johan Lundgren: At the start of the winter there are many uncertainties.

The analysis house TDA says the travel industry ahead of difficult winter months. Already in the first two November weeks there was a slight downward trend in the new bookings. It is foreseeable that the currently heavily attracting Corona infections and Omikron will reduce demand for winter holidays, it was said on Tuesday. "The uncertainty as the situation continues to develop leads to a recognizable restraint at the posting decision," also confirms DRV President Norbert Fiebig. However, he expects significant uptime from the second quarter of the next year.

For the time being, many countries scoat. Israel promoted a first country to follow Japan and Australia. Actually, Australia wanted to open his borders on this Wednesday, but because of Omikron, the entry berth will be extended for two weeks. Morocco has exposed all flights to the country for the time being.

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This is bitter for the TUI, which wanted to start the North African country again in December. Nevertheless, the tour operator has not lost optimism. "There are currently not few guests that adhoc escape the dull weather and refuel the Canary or the Caperverdish islands sun," a spokesman said on Tuesday. However, the booking behavior "Next at short notice".

to Omikron Bloodbath: Morgan Stanley deletes oil price forecast for the first quarter 2022 Together .
The emergence of the new Corona variant Omikron has taken care of the international stock markets for a quake. The oil prices also came into the downlow in the course of renewed lockdown worries. The US investment bank Morgan Stanley then pulled the ripper and stroked its oil outlook for the first quarter of 2022. © Provided by Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images • Omikron ensures sell-off at equity and oil markets • Morgan Stanley sees oversupply in the first quarter 2022 and red

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