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US News: The Winner Sadrist Party Winner Iraqi Legislative

Hungary: The media control by the Orban government worries the UN

 Hungary: The media control by the Orban government worries the UN © AFP - Attila Kisbeneek The Hungarian Government of Viktor Orban has a quasi-monopoly of information in the country. visiting the country, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, has been very concerned about the development of the media under the Government of Viktor Orban. She is concerned about the impact on the next legislative of the spring 2022.

Iraq-Elections: The Winner Sadrist Party Winner Iraqi Legislative

LE PARTI SADRISTE LARGE VAINQUEUR DES LÉGISLATIVES IRAKIENNES © Reuters / Ahmed Saad Large Winner Party of Iraqi Legislative

Cairo (Reuters) - The Party of the Imam Shiite Moktada Al Sadr obtained 73 seats in the Iraqi parliament at the end of the early legislative elections of 10 October and imposes itself as the first training in the Council of Representatives, which has 329 elected, according to the final results. announced. Tuesday.

The Sadrian movement consolidates its presence at the assembly, since it had won 54 seats three years ago.

The Coalition of Sunni Taqaddum Parties has harvested 37 seats, the coalition of the rule of law, which brings together parties close to the former Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki, won 33 seats and the democratic party of Kurdistan obtained 31 elected officials. , clarified the Electoral Commission.

Sweden: Magdalena Andersson elected in the Pain Premiere of government

 Sweden: Magdalena Andersson elected in the Pain Premiere of government © Erik Simander / TT News Agency / AFP L A CHEFFE OF THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATES Swedish Magdalena Andersson was elected, Wednesday, November 24, Prime Minister by Parliament, Becoming the first woman to lead the Nordic Kingdom, after two weeks of difficult negotiations.

The Alliance Fatah, linked to Shiite militias, won 17 seats.

Shiite Muslim parties dominate Iraqi governments since the US invasion of 2003 and the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein, of Sunni Confession.

These anticipated elections, the fifths since the fall of Saddam Hussein, succeeded those of 2018 and have been summoned by the current Prime Minister Moustafa Al Kadhimi after the wave of 2019 protests against the political elite and corruption. .

Moktada Al Sadr is a dominant figure of Iraqi political life since the US invasion. He opposes any form of foreign interference in Iraq, whether that of the United States against which he led an insurrection in the 2000s or that of Iran, of which he denounces the strong involvement in Iraqi politics. .

The Imam, however, goes regularly in Iran, according to his relatives collaborators, and he called for the withdrawal of the American quota in Iraq, where Washington maintains some 2,500 men as part of the fight against the Islamic State organization.

(Report Yasmin Hussein, French version Jean-Stéphane Brush, edited by Sophie Louet)

Finland: five men arrested in Kankaanpää for an ultra-right attack project .
These are the first arrests for a far-right attack project in Finland, according to Police © Juha sinisalo / Lehtikuva / AFP Five young men were arrested and detained in Kankaanpää in southwestern Finland.

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