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US News: USA: Washington wants to strengthen its military force to counter China and Russia

Ukraine asserts that Russia-controlled forces are preparing for combat

 Ukraine asserts that Russia-controlled forces are preparing for combat Ukraine-Crisis-Donbass: Ukraine affirms that Russia's controlled forces are preparing for combat © Reuters / Alexander Ermochenko Ukraine affirms That controlled forces by Russia are preparing for battle by Natalia Zinets Kiev (Reuters) - Russia-controlled forces in the Donbass region, in eastern Ukraine, are preparing for combat and have carried out Large-scale military exercises, said Tuesday the intelligence management of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

L'armée américaine va notamment moderniser ses bases sur l'île de Guam dans le Pacifique. ED JONES / AFP © Valery Ax The US military will modernize its bases on the island of Guam in the Pacific. Ed Jones / AFP Does the United States create "imaginary enemies"? This is said in any case Beijing after the announcement by Washington new initiatives on the military plan to counter China and Russia. In fact, the United States will strengthen their military deployment against these two countries, while trying to maintain effective deterrence against Iran and jihadist groups in the Middle East, had indicated Monday a high person responsible for the Pentagon . In concrete terms, the US military will modernize its bases on the island of Guam and Australia, said Mara Karlin, responsible for the strategy at the US Department of Defense, highlighting the priority given to China, including Washington wants to counter the ambitions supposed in the region. A "cold war mentality" questioned Tuesday, Beijing accused Washington wanting to "encircle and counter China". "The United States should abandon their cold war mentality (...) and cease any word and act that threaten peace and security" in the world, commented on a spokesman for Chinese diplomacy, Zhao Lijian. An American report recommends "more cooperation with allies and partners in the region to propose initiatives that contribute to regional stability and deter China with possible military assault." This text being classified Secret-Defense, the Pentagon gave no details on how the United States could strengthen their military system. The Pentagon has also already announced that it would strengthen its presence in Australia. In Europe, President Joe Biden returned to the decision to limit to 2,500 the US military staff deployed in Germany, and reaffirmed the United States' commitment to NATO, that its predecessor Donald Trump had given in question. With the withdrawal of Afghanistan , the American military posture in the Middle East now appears reduced. In Iraq, Washington concluded an agreement with the Iraqi government that provides for the departure by the end of the year of all the country's "combat forces", even though 2,500 US soldiers will remain there. "Our commitment is to continue to support the Islamic Anti-State Coalition," said a Pentagon manager who has requested anonymity.

Lead 1-The situation Ukraine-Russia is "unstable", says Macron .
Ukraine-crisis / France-Macron (Lead 1): Lead 1-The situation Ukraine-Russia is "unstable", says Macron (updated with details , context) Paris, December 9 (Reuters) - The situation between Ukraine and Russia is "unstable", said Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron, indicating that he was going to talk next week with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski and with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

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