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US News: on Arte, "The Great Famine in Ireland", last tragedy before independence

shipwrecking a migrant boat off Calais: what we know about the drama that made 31 dead

 shipwrecking a migrant boat off Calais: what we know about the drama that made 31 dead © Copyright 2021, the Obs thirty-one migrants died this Wednesday 24 after their boat capsized in the sleeve off Calais. Research is underway to find possible survivors. "France will not let the handle become a cemetery," said Emmanuel Macron. "Obs" takes stock. 31 Deceased migrants The balance sheet has continued to grow in the day, reaching 31 people died in the evening, according to a statement from the Elysée.

This first humanitarian catastrophe to be covered by the media, neglected by London despite a million dead between 1845 and 1851, opened the way for the revolution. Then to the Irish Republic.

ARTE - Tuesday, November 30 at 8:50 pm - Documentary

This is a human tragedy of incredible magnitude, not at the end of the world but in Ireland. A great famine who, between 1845 and 1851, caused the death of one million Irish and provoked the emigration of two million of them into a decade. Thanks to the interventions of academics, photographic archives, animated maps, reading couriers and drawings published in the press of the time, this tragedy becomes reality in this documentary which opens a special evening Ireland on Arte CE evening.

Migratory Policy: Julien Bayou blames France "to harass migrants"

 Migratory Policy: Julien Bayou blames France © Europe 1 Twenty-seven migrants found death on Wednesday in the sinking of a boat off Calais, while they were trying to Win Great Britain. Guest of Dimitri Pavlenko on Europe Morning Friday, the National Secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV) Julien Bayou, blamed France's behavior on the migration issue and denounced the touquet agreements. Twenty-seven migrants died Wednesday in the sinking of their boat in the Channel off Calais.

Many of these victims could have been saved if British politicians gave them the means. But, by negligence, indifference, insensitivity, cynicism, contempt of the poorly displayed poor, London's politicians were not up to a food crisis that did not only affect Ireland, integrated into the United Kingdom since 1801.

In 1845, mildew, parasite ravaging potato crops, appears in Latin America before landing in Europe via the port of Antwerp, Belgium. In this country, in the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Prussia will be affected some 100,000 victims. But their governments will act quickly to help the poorest not to die of hunger.

Police operations and riots

in Ireland, where 95% of land belongs to a few thousand families, most Protestants, one-third of the population depends exclusively on the potato to feed. Before the years of famine, the island was the shopping basket of Great Britain, exporting massively cattle, fish, cereals. But for the poorest, many in a population that climbed up to 8 million inhabitants, no longer able to feed on potatoes means not eating at all.

Brazil: In Rio de Janeiro, the reconstruction of the National Museum began

 Brazil: In Rio de Janeiro, the reconstruction of the National Museum began © Mauro Pimentel / AFP the restoration of the National Museum should be completed in 2026. three years after the fire that had ravaged a great Part of the main natural history museum of Latin America, its restoration will begin with the facade. At the time, the fire was denounced as a "advertised tragedy" due to lack of maintenance.

When the catastrophe happens, some London politicians are trying to intervene quickly and help the poor. But they face the hostility of part of the English public opinion and the supporters of unbridled economic liberalism. Help these lazy catholics miserable? No way.

Over the thread of these terrible years, we navigate between brutal police operations, hunger riots, total misery. The appearance of illustrated journalism makes it possible to alert the whole world of this appalling reality. But the aid is insufficient and more and more deaths. "Ireland was a vast tomb in which thousands of unfortunate" were buried every day, "writes a French bishop witness.

When it is reduced to eating pork in putrefaction, donkey, dog, you have to flee. Between 1846 and 1855, nearly one million Irish will find refuge in the United States, 340,000 in Canada, 50,000 in New Zealand and Australia. The big English industrial cities are stormed. "The announced invasion of the pauperism has begun," writes a Liverpool newspaper.

This great famine will end in 1852. It will have marked the beginning of the decline of the British Empire on Ireland, as pointed out by the second documentary of Ruan Magan, scheduled at 22:25 and devoted to the Irish Revolution, which will give Birth to the Free State of Ireland, become the EIRE. An evening made in Ireland not to be missed.

"The Irish Revolution by Cillian Murphy": the origins of the Independence of the Eire

La Grande Famine in Ireland, Documentary of Ruan Magan (Fr.-Irl., 2020, 95 min). The Irish Revolution (IRL, 2019, 97 min) on ARTE.TV of 30 November 2021 to 27 February 2022.

shooting in an American high school: the parents of the shooter arrested .
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