US News: MAINTENANCE. The Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin, launches an action plan for Fishing

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 Since 1847, dolphin groups help men fishing in Brazil! It is a unique collaboration that can be seen once in one's life. Men and dolphins help each other to fish for fish. It is in Laguna in the south of Brazil that this marine animal species gives a real boost to the fishermen. Explanations. © Istock Since 1847, dolphin groups help men fishing in Brazil! Fishermen do not need fishing net or even boat. With this outstanding technique, men just stand up at the edge of the shore according to the crude media.

Annick Girardin aux Assises de la pêche et des produits de la mer à Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Finistère), le 18 novembre 2021. © Ilago Annick Girardin the Assizes fishing and seafood in Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Finistère), 18 November 2021.

in an interview with Ouest-France, the Minister of Sea Annick Girardin returned to negotiations with the United Kingdom for fishing licenses. And is committed to working with the industry to define a long-term strategy.

At the head of a ministry Sea recreated in July 2020 Annick Girardin door for several months, claims French fishermen face in London. They feel aggrieved by the British award process Access Licenses waters of Great Britain and the Channel Islands. After about sharply criticized the Assizes fishing and seafood in Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Finistère), the Minister stated his determination to "leave no fisherman on the dock" and opened a national consultation on future of fishing in France. Maintenance.

French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel

 French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel Calais / London. The French fishermen show their muscles in the quarrel with the British on fishing rights. You want to disturb trading trails over the English Channel - an alarm sign for British retailers to the Christmas business. © Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman sits on board a trawler in the harbor. London and Paris have been arguing for weeks about fisheries licenses in the English Channel.

You denounce the attitude of the United Kingdom that delays or denies licensing of French fishermen. Where are we ?

We still expect at least 154 licenses: 52 for area 6 to 12 miles off Britain, 59 waters under jurisdiction Jerseyan and 43 areas of Guernsey. These are complete records for which the UK has no reason to negotiate. While it is true that 955 permanent fishing licenses have already been granted, although we see through fishing, is the solidarity of the European Union that tests London.

For Assizes fishing to evoke, facing all professionals, the current crisis and the future of the sector. Read the full speech here my # APPM2021

- Annick Girardin (@AnnickGirardin) November 18, 2021, X 3 The Commission, rightly, has given a deadline (

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10 December) the British government to close this file. How things are they? Until 10

, we continue to support with the European Commissioner for Fisheries, as directly from London for a regulation under the post-Brexit agreement. On 12 and 13 December a council Agriculture and Fisheries in Brussels will be the occasion to take stock with European partners. If the licenses are not at the rendezvous, we want the Union to convene the partnership council, the proceedings provided for in the agreements to resolve disputes. If unsuccessful, it will remain the legal dispute and retaliation ...


the decommissioning plan discussed at the congress of fishing,

there two weeks?

My remarks about it have been misinterpreted. The president gave me two missions: first let nothing against the English, what we do, and then leave no dock fisherman. Now if we want to be ready to handle all special cases, it is necessary to develop the necessary tools. So anticipate. What we're also asking Brussels additional envelopes. But I want to go further, working to a long-term strategy for fishing in France currently lacks.

For the rest, what is the action plan for sustainable fishing that you advertise? Like the

Fontenoy maritime transport, launched in 2021 and which reaches its conclusion, we want to put all players in the fishing and seafood around the table. We need to France a fishing strategy. I will kick off work after December 12 and must be completed before the end of five years.

Among the topics to be discussed: the modernization of the tools, the management of fishery resources, the contribution of scientific research, the attractiveness of careers in fishing and the overall functioning of the sector and related services must. absolutely we give our visibility fishermen. Otherwise, how can they invest then they must, from one year to another, adapting to unpredictable quotas?

direct. COVID-19: The White Plan "No doubt national" in a few days, according to Olivier Véran .
© Reuters The white plan is engaged in six regions. The white plan, deployed in six regions since Wednesday, December 8, will be "no doubt national" by a few days, provides for the Minister of Health Olivier Véran this Thursday, December 9th. Pharmacies will be able to open Sundays to vaccinate more. Follow our live from Thursday, December 9 devoted to CVIV-19 news. Pharmacies will open Sunday to vaccinate.

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