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a leader of the opposition of Burundi castigates the lifting of American sanctions

 a leader of the opposition of Burundi castigates the lifting of American sanctions © Esdras Ndikumana Alexis Sindihije at a political meeting in Bujumbura on April 11, 2010 One of the fiercet opponents of the Government of Burundi, Alexis Sinduhije, castigator Monday in an interview at AFP The lifting of American sanctions against this small country in East Africa, where, according to him, nothing has changed to justify this decision.

Dusseldorf. Freedom is not just an individual defense right against constraints of all kinds. There is also the positive freedom to act in groups according to own rules. An idea that could facilitate much in pandemic vampion.

 Wer in diesen Tagen öffentliche Verkehrsmittel benutzen möchte, muss sich auf Kontrollen gefasst machen. © Daniel Bockwoldt If you want to use public transport these days, you have to deal with controls.

If there is a question in these weeks of freedom, the high as often as an endangered genus, which must be defended against poachers. This is correct that freedom rights are never fought for all time. For example, free expression or the right to demonstrate are freedom that can be inconvenient for ruling. That's why it's good when citizens at each attempt to crop these rights without serious reasons and without debate on the barricades. Nothing is more dangerous for freedom than the creeping attempts to eliminate them. Serious debates on the reasonableness of Corona rules of the past few months were therefore meaningful and necessary, and of course, the youngest decision of the Federal Constitutional Court to the Federal Note Brake can be argued.

Fanhilfen hope under new government for strengthening fans

 Fanhilfen hope under new government for strengthening fans the fan aid active in many Bundesliga locations hoped by the Federal Government progress in the field of fan and freedom rights. © Provided by Fanhilfen hope under new government to strengthen fans The fan aids active in many Bundesliga locations are hoped by the new federal government progress in the field of fan and freedom rights. Thus, the umbrella organization of Fanhilfen E.V welcomes, among other things, the introduction of a marking obligation for the Federal Police planned in

, however, are all these thoughts on an individualistic view of freedom. It's about the entitlement of the individual not to be circumcised by the government, society or any fellow human beings. It's about the defense against forced. But there is also the positive freedom to something, ie for self-realization. And there is the collaborative perspective, ie the freedom to do something community in groups, which could not be done alone. For example, to govern yourself after democratic rules.

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This idea of ​​collective freedom to something is unfortunately aroused during the pandemic unfortunately argue, because it is always only To limit restrictions. And too little about the fact that collectives can choose positive for reasonable reasons to give themselves regulate themselves. Also rules that restrict all for a foreseeable time and for comprehensible reasons. You do not have to spend that it goes about restrictions. But if a community uses her knowledge to avert harm from itself, this is a positive freedom, a joint project for a limited time. Let this way to get along again, could just help.

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© Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters Italian high-speed trains must make two round trips a day, morning and evening, between Paris Gare de Lyon and Central Milan, passing through Lyon Part-Dieu, Chambéry, Modane and Turin. Following the opening to the competition, the public company of the Italian railways announced this Friday that it will launch on Saturday 18 December, its first high speed trains connecting Paris, Lyon and Milan, with rates starting from 29 €.

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