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US News: Annalena Baerbock meets first personnel decisions for Foreign Resort

Coalition Treaty of the traffic lights parties is

 Coalition Treaty of the traffic lights parties is just two months after the federal election, SPD, green and free Democrats have largely done their program for a common government. In the afternoon it should be presented. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA / Picture Alliance The Chairman of the Greens, Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, SPD candidate Olaf Scholz and FDP boss Christian Lindner (VL) in mid-October SPD, Greens and FDP have to a press conference at 3:00 pm Mez invited in Berlin.

The Greens have announced their recruitable plateau for the occupation of parliamentary state secretaries. Among them are two surprising personal details.

  Annalena Baerbock trifft erste Personalentscheidungen für Auslands-Ressort © Chris Emil Janssen / Imago Images / Chris Emil Janßen

The Greens have decided which deputies should support the ministers as parliamentary state secretaries. In the Federal Foreign Office, Annalena Baerbock brings the two Green Defense Politics Tobias Lindner and Katja Keul as Minister of State. Lindner belongs to the Realo camp of the party, Keul to the left wing. For the third Stormer's Post in the Foreign Office, the Hessian Green MPs Anna Lührmann is planned.

Germany: two ecologists and a liberal prospective to the key ministries

 Germany: two ecologists and a liberal prospective to the key ministries © AFP U Woman to lead German diplomacy, an ecologist writer at the head of a "super" Ministry of the Environment, a Liberal to finance: Favorites in the main portfolios of the future German Government have never been in federal ministerial positions.

The originally traded for one of the Green European Expertin Franziska Brantner is Parliamentary State Secretary in the Business Department, which is to be conducted by Green Chief Robert Habeck as Minister. The second surprising personnel is also found in his tableau: Michael Kellner, so far political managing director of the Greens, will also be parliamentary State Secretary in his department. In addition comes Oliver Krischer, previously deputy parliamentary. It also changes the position and becomes the Parliamentary State Secretary in DAULD Economic and Climate Ministry.

The personal details were confirmed to the mirror of a spokeswoman of the party.

The Minister of State Ministers in the Foreign Office support the Minister in their governmental tasks and repeatedly represent the boss in international appointments. From the Foreign Office, an official state secretary is also provided.

Greens Cope with their first power struggle

 Greens Cope with their first power struggle so noiselessly the Greens negotiated the traffic light coalition, so much they ranged to their recruitable plateau. In the end, the former party leader Cem Özdemir has prevailed against faction leader Anton Hofrieber. © Getty Images / Thomas Lohnes Provided by Deutsche Wave It was a quite lively debate in the green party leadership, in which the two party wings delivered a power struggle. The conflict is decided, but should not make the membership decision over the coalition agreement.

The designated Foreign Minister Baerbock will have to enter the day-to-day business directly after its appointment, expected coming week. Traditionally, as a foreign minister, she will visit the closest European partners in Europe very quickly, she has announced her first trip to Brussels .

also post in the Ministry of Agriculture, Family and the Environment Stand

in the Ministry of Agriculture are Ophelia Nick and Manuela Rottmann Parliamentary State Secretaries. The department will in future be guided by CEM Özdemir .

in the family department, which is conducted by the previous Rhineland-Palatinate Klimaministerin Anne Mirror, as Parliamentary State Secretaries, the family politician Ekin Deligöz and the social politician Sven Lehmann.

To support the designated environmental minister Steffi Lemke , the previous environmental spokeswoman Bettina Hoffmann and the building political speakers Christian Kühn as Parliamentary State Secretaries in Ministry.

Baerbock in Liverpool: G7 Foreign Ministers are considered "uniform front" .
for Annalena Baerbock it is the first major performance at the International Stage as a German Foreign Minister. The list of crises is long. © Photo: Thomas Koehler / Imago Images Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on the first working session of the G7 Foreign Minister meeting in Liverpool. In your last personal meeting before the acquisition of the G7 Presidency by Germany, the foreign ministers of the seven industrial nations want to set a sign against "aggressors against freedom".

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