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US News: Omicron variant: 2,000 people in quarantine after two cases in a Swiss school

Omicron variant: a first suspect case detected in Germany

 Omicron variant: a first suspect case detected in Germany © Paul Zinken / DPA / DPA Picture-Alliance via AFP Germany, Covid-19, Variant Omicron, a near the Belgium , where a first proven case of Omicron variant has been reported, the Germany could in turn be already contaminated by the new South African variant that worries. A suspect case, detected in a person recently returned from South Africa , has indeed been identified, announced on Saturday the regional authorities of the State of Hesse (West).

According to the Swiss authorities, "This is the first measure of this magnitude" since the proven presence of Omicron, but still reduced to a handle case, in the country this week.

  Variant Omicron: 2 000 personnes en quarantaine après deux cas dans une école suisse © Provided by FranceInfo

Drastic measurement in Geneva (Switzerland). Some 2,000 people, of which 1,600 children were placed in quarantine after the discovery of two cases of the variant OMICRON on one of the very famous Geneva International School, announced the Swiss health authorities Thursday, December 2.

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Coronavirus: Two passengers from the southern Africa contaminated in Australia by the Omicron Variant

 Coronavirus: Two passengers from the southern Africa contaminated in Australia by the Omicron Variant The Ministry invites the 260 passengers and flying crew members to set up isolation © USA Today Network / SIPA USA / SIPA Passengers have traveled since Southern Africa via Doha. Variant - The Ministry invites the 260 passengers and flight crew members to be setup Australian Sanitary authorities announced this Sunday have detected the presence of the coronavirus Omicron variant after testing. Emergency carried out in two passengers from Southern Africa who landed Saturday in Sydney.

"These two Cases are in close narrow intrafamily with a positive return of travel from South Africa, "said the health services of the Canton of Vaud, where the campus is located, and that of Geneva in a common statement. According to the authorities, "this is the first extent of this magnitude" since the proven but reduced presence of Omicron in Switzerland this week.

"We have never observed any contamination on the Genevan or Vaudoir territories. This element imposes us today, in principle of precaution, to decide on strong measures."

Health Services of the Canton of Vaud


"It is essential to curb the introduction of the variant on our territory. When identifying, it is also essential to reduce the transmission in Switzerland as much as possible," they add. The quarantine is 10 days and the students, like the teachers of the Campus de la Châtaigneraie, located near Geneva, will have to do a PCR test. This campus hosts primary and secondary school. Their families will also need to be screened to seek this variant reported for the first time in Southern Africa at the end of November and detected in several tens of countries.

COVID-19: There are now 12 cases of Omicron in France .
© Copyright 2021, Obs The number of cases of infection in the Omicron variant detected in France now rises to twelve, according to the last updated balance sheet Friday night by the health authorities. "At 16h, three new cases of OMICRON variant infection have been reported in France", indicates on its site the Public Health Agency France .

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