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US News: Covid-19: the Omicron varying begins to spread locally in the United States and Australia

Variant Omicron: singled out and shunned by Europeans, South Africa feels "punished"

 Variant Omicron: singled out and shunned by Europeans, South Africa feels © VALERY HACHE Passengers crowded on Saturday, to leave South Africa airport Johannesburg. AFP / Phill Magakoe The misty look, between frustration and relief, Valerie Leduc left the window from Johannesburg airport sesame pocket: finally a place on a return flight to Belgium, via Addis Ababa in three days. "It seemed to be criminals," says the young woman.

  Covid-19: le variant Omicron commence à se propager localement aux Etats-Unis et en Australie first © AFP

D e case of local transmission Omicron were reported Thursday and Friday in the United States and Australia, exacerbating concerns about this new variant of the coronavirus, already dominant in South Africa and could become in Europe.

United States, five cases of varying Omicron were confirmed on Thursday in the state of New York, one in Minnesota and one in Hawaii, bringing to nine the total confirmed cases of the moment in the country.

In Minnesota, the infected person had traveled to New York but had not traveled abroad. And in Hawaii, the patient was unaccinished but had not traveled, showing as well as the variant began to transmit between people inside the United States.

Coronavirus: Israel will close its borders facing Omicron

 Coronavirus: Israel will close its borders facing Omicron Health-Coronavirus-Variant-Israel: Coronavirus: Israel will close its borders facing Omicron © Reuters / Ronen Zvulun Coronavirus: Israel will close its borders facing the variant OMICRON Jerusalem (Reuters) - Israel announced Saturday the prohibition of its territory to any foreign visitor for two weeks to contain the spread of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus identified in South Africa.

"This is a case of local transmission," confirmed the Hawaii Health's department in a statement.

Australia for his part Friday it detected in Sydney, the first case of Omicron ranging from a student who has not traveled abroad.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers "high" "likelihood OMICRON will spread worldwide," although many unknowns remain: contagiousness, efficacy of existing vaccines, severity of symptoms. The new variant is now present on every continent. But to date, however, no deaths associated with Omicron were reported.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) based in Stockholm, has in turn said Thursday OMICRON "could cause more than half of infections caused by SARS-CoV virus-2 in the Union EU within the next whole month. "

Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada ... The list of countries where the Omicron variant has been identified extends

 Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada ... The list of countries where the Omicron variant has been identified extends © Copyright 2021, the Obs the new variant of Omicron coronavirus sows worry in the World While the World Health Organization estimated that it presented "a very high risk" . Detected last week in South Africa, it has already been identified in several countries and especially among European neighbors. "Obs" takes stock. Among the last ones to announce identified cases, Canada reported two cases in recent people in Nigeria. They were placed at isolation in Ottawa.

risk reinfection Especially since, according to research by South African scientists, the risk of catching again the Covid-19 is three times the Omicron varying with the Beta and Delta variants.

In South Africa, which announced the identification of varying Omicron last week, authorities described spreading "exponentially" virus. The new variant is already dominant. Never

variant of Covid-19 had caused such panic since the emergence of Delta, currently dominant and already very contagious. Around the world, announcements of drastic measures and movement restrictions are multiplying.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday tougher restrictions on unvaccinated against the Covid-19, which no longer have access to non-essential businesses, restaurants, culture and leisure venues. They will also have to limit their contacts, home or outside.

COVID-19: Emmanuel Macron received its

 COVID-19: Emmanuel Macron received its Reminder Dose © Thomas COEX / AFP The Head of State announced on his Twitter account having received his VVID-19 vaccine recall dose at the same time as that against seasonal influenza. The health authorities beat the reminder of vaccination while the threat of the Omicron variant places on Europe. This Monday morning, Emmanuel Macron said on his Twitter account have received his VVID-19 vaccine recall dose. The head of state also received his vaccine against seasonal flu.

A bill on compulsory vaccination will be submitted to the German parliament for entry into force in February or March.

The states of the Old Continent have decided to harden again sanitary restrictions: border controls, travel restrictions to southern Africa, mandatory mask in transport and shops in the UK, the recommendation to vaccinate vulnerable children in France etc.

The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, has denounced the border closures, calling them a form of "apartheid" against an Africa insufficiently vaccinated.

For now, said in Geneva the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, inadequate immunization coverage against the Covid and the screening level are a mixture "toxic ".

"Question of choice"

It is "a perfect recipe for variants reproduce and amplify," he warned, pointing out that the end of the pandemic was "a matter of choice."

Faced with the threat of a revival of the pandemic, US President Joe Biden on Thursday presented a new plan against the Covid-19, which, however, contains no radical or binding measure.

International travelers must present a negative test performed in the previous day they left, the tests at home will now be reimbursed but Biden has refrained from taking action too risky politically, in a country where less than 60% the population is fully immunized.

While his attempts to impose particular vaccination in companies met opposition from Republicans, he felt that the fight against Covid-19 "should not" be a subject of political division.

Various laboratories including Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer / Biontech and Novavax, expressed confidence in their ability to create a new vaccine against Omicron. Russia has also announced work on a version of its Sputnik V specifically targeting this variant.

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COVID-19: There are now 12 cases of Omicron in France .
© Copyright 2021, Obs The number of cases of infection in the Omicron variant detected in France now rises to twelve, according to the last updated balance sheet Friday night by the health authorities. "At 16h, three new cases of OMICRON variant infection have been reported in France", indicates on its site the Public Health Agency France .

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