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US News: 6: 7 In the extension: Polar bear coach Aubin rages after defeat against Dusseldorf

Laumann appeals in the state parliament: "Let God's will be vaccinated"

 Laumann appeals in the state parliament: State Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) has informed Parliament on the updated Corona protection regulation and the current coronalage. The situation in the North Rhine-Westphalia hospitals is very tense according to the words of Health Ministers. © Picture Alliance / DPA Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), Health Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, during a meeting in the NRW Landtag.

The polar bears are subject to the Düsseldorf EC - and attract the anger of their coach.

Serge Aubin war sauer nach der Niederlage gegen Düsseldorf. © Photo: Imago Images / Contrast Serge Aubin was angry after defeat against Dusseldorf.

Harold Circle has been working as a hockey coach for over 30 years. And although he could take two points from Berlin with the Düsseldorf EG after 7: 6 in the extension, the 62-year-old was by no means facilitated or pleased. It was more likely to feel like he apologized on the press conference almost with his corporate colleague Serge Aubin for what was happening in the Arena on the Ostbahnhof this evening.

"I do this job very long, but I have not experienced such a game of play or at least for a long time," said circle. "If someone asked me to ask me if we win this game, I could not answer that. The better team did not win today. "

PSG: Pochettino, the worst stats of a Parisian coach in C1

 PSG: Pochettino, the worst stats of a Parisian coach in C1 after the defeat of the PSG against Manchester City (2-1) Wednesday night, the observation is without appeal in view of the stats of the Parisians in C1 under Mauricio Pochettino . © Provided by Football 365 Mauricio Pochettino Out of Wednesday night shock against Manchester City (2-1), Paris Saint-Germain in Champions League under Mauricio Pochettino Displays stats to shoot the alarm bell .

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During this analysis, Iron-Headcoach Aubin sat without motion on the other, the left side of the podium and lay down his statement. His darkly awesome expression dopped on when he said, "For me, that's absolutely unacceptable. We can not lose this game under no circumstances. I am the coach, but I hope the players look in the mirror. It's time that we record our work. "On Sunday, the next game is in Schwenningen (2 pm).

related to the entire season, this Thursday evening will only play a small side role. But the way the Berliners despite an interim 4: 1 guidance disappointed control of this game was - though undesirable - as well as unwanted - impressive.

Gladbach fans react to the derby defeat - Neuhaus falls again negative on

 Gladbach fans react to the derby defeat - Neuhaus falls again negative on In recent weeks, Borussia Moenchengladbach seemed to stabilize , the confidence of the fans in coach Adi Hütter was larger. On Saturday afternoon it was, however, in the 1: brought back to the floor of the facts 4 defeat against 1. FC Cologne in the derby.

"We scratched and bitten his hair."

"We have stopped playing after a good start," said Aubin over the phase, as the lead gradually turned away. In particular, he covers the final phase of the final third when this game turned after a 6-4 for the polar bears in favor of the guests. "We did not work anymore and no more shots blocked." Unlike the DEG. Trainer Circle said, "We have scratched the hair and bitten."

The polar bears often have great efforts in this season, in close playing patience and to preserve the discipline. Marcel Nobels, who would normally become a man of the evening with three goals, seemed similarly crisp as Aubin. He said, "If I were the coach, I would be mad at us. We just have to be cleverer to play down. "He pointed out that the team was possibly confident after the successful initial phase.

In all three games of the past eight days, the Berliner temporarily fueled the form of passivity, unnecessary disk losses, individual mistakes. So after performances against Bietigheim (5: 4 after extension), Nuremberg (1: 3) and Dusseldorf only three points on the have side. Wild 6: 7 is working on. Rather, it is also about stopping the youngest trend. And despite all the current failures over the full 60 minutes to play the ice hockey for which the polar bears are actually feared at the competition.

vaccination protection is missing - two men are not allowed to enter .
Dusseldorf. At Düsseldorf Airport, two men have been rejected upon entry, which could not show full vaccination protection. This is more common in recent times, it says from the Federal Police. © Roland Incense Travelers Wait at Dusseldorf Airport on the clearance (archive image). On Wednesday, the Federal Police at the Düsseldorfer Airport has prevented two travelers for missing vaccination protection at the entry.

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