US News: Loiret: About fifty students from the same school Victims of digestive disorders

Goncourt price of high school students awarded to Rennes this Thursday: Which laureate in 2021?

 Goncourt price of high school students awarded to Rennes this Thursday: Which laureate in 2021? © West-France Twelve students (three boys and nine girls) are members of the national jury gathered at the town hall of Rennes. The jury of students is meeting this Thursday, November 25, 2021, in Rennes. He must decide the five novels that remain in the running for the 34th Goncourt prize of high school students.

Cantine meal analyzes allowed to rule out the trail of food poisoning

Une cinquantaine d'écoliers étaient absents ce jeudi. © Syspeo / SIPA Fifty schoolchildren were absent this Thursday. Symptoms - Analyzes of canteen meals allowed to rule out the track of food poisoning

it is not an food poisoning but of a virus. This Thursday, about 50 students from the elementary school Jean Bonnet de Saint-Jean-le-Blanc (in the Loiret ) remained at home, victim of gastrointestinal disorders , reports france blue Orleans . Some children have had fever, vomiting for others.

Only elementary students were affected, including some children not eating the canteen. The track of food poisoning has therefore been ruled out. What has been confirmed by analyzes carried out on food samples.

In North Korea, a high school student sentenced to "Squid Game"

 In North Korea, a high school student sentenced to © Youngkyu Park / Netflix In recent months, it's hard to miss than Squid Game that has become a real global phenomenon. If the South Korean success series was viewed by more than 111 million people from the first days of its exit on Netflix , it is not accessible in some parts of the world. A North Korean high school student went so far as to smuggish into his country illegal copies of the survival drama in order to view it.

The Regional Health Agency of the Center-Val-de-Loire indicated that on Friday that it was not a collective food infection. Tap water analyzes have also reassured at that level. Students were therefore victims of a fleeing but benign gastroenteritis.

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Russia: a teenager is "exploding" with a bomb in an orthodox .
© Investigative Committee of Russia / AFP U N former 18-year-old student of a Russian Orthodox School "was exploded" Monday in This adjoining establishment of a convent near Moscow, wounding at least another 15-year-old in addition to himself, the police announced. Explosive attacks or shootings in school sites have long been rare in Russia , but such dramas have multiplied in recent years, leading to hardening legislation on the weapons ordered by the President Vladimir Putin .

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